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What is the popular dress worn by Indian women?

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What do hindus call saree?

Saree is a popular dress worn by women. But it is not limited only to Hindus. Many Indian women wear irrespective of their faith, religion, or sect.

What is the dress worn by Indian Women called?

The basic dress of south Indian women is called sari and the ones in north India is called salwaar and kameez, salwaar being the bottom and kameez being the top!

Traditional dress worn by indian women?

Dress that covers body because nudity is frowned upon in Indonesia. Don't ask me how i know

What you can do with worn Indian flag?

make it into a dress

How is Weather in Malaysia and what dress in pretty nice to wear?

The weather in Malaysia is always hot, but not too hot. Towards the end of the year, it starts to become rainy. My choice of a dress to wear in Malaysia would be a baju kurung( worn by the Malay women), a saree ( worn by the Indian women), or a cheongsam(worn by the Chinese women), but, ordinary, decent dresses could also be worn.

Toe-rings are worn by Indian women what does it mean?

It means that the Indian women are married.

A garment worn by girls and women beneath a dress?

A slip

Are saris worn in northern India or southern India?

Saree is the most popular and widely worn ladies dress in India. Sarees are commonly worn by Indian ladies in all regions in India. Sarees are worn basically everywhere in India (Trust me, I live there)

What is the traditional dress for Singapore?

Traditional dress of Singapore can be best described as the traditional attires of the people belonging to various races and cultures. The traditional costume of the Chinese women is the cheongsam.The traditional dress of Malay women in Singapore is baju kurung- The loose tunic is worn over a long skirt.The Indian population in Singapore in special occasions is found to wear saris, which is a popular traditional attire.

Under clothes starting with letter s?

A slip is worn by women. It is worn beneath a dress or skirt.

What type of clothes are worn in Spain?

casual clothes is worn in the summer in Spain eg. women wear dress

How do women dress in Ireland?

Women in modern Ireland dress much as women do in the U.S. Jeans and t-shirts are acceptable, business clothing is standard for work, and sweaters, dress slacks, and dresses are also worn.

What is a straight dress worn by women in Egypt?

"Steath" is the answer for the Ancient Egyptian packet.

Dress worn by Tyrolean peasant women?

Dirndl Good luck with the crossword!

What is the National dress code of Pakistan?

The National dress of Pakistan is the Salwar Kameez, commonly worn by both men and women.

What is the meaning for the dresses in India?

baluja the traditional women dress worn on special ecassion

How do Pakistanis dress?

Pakistanis dress in what is called Shalvar Kameez. These are long, flowing styles of clothing worn by both men and women.

What is something you wear that starts with a Y?

Yashmak, its a veil worn by Indian women.

What is the Chinese's traditional clothing?

A traditional clothing worn by the Chinese, is called a kimono. It is a dress worn by young and old women on special occasions.

What are skirt?

Kinda like the bottom of a dress with no top half. Worn by women and girls (females)

What typical clothing worn on the job if you are a waitress?

Typically a uniform. If not, slacks and shirt or dress for women.

What kind of dress can never be worn?

An address is the kind of dress that can never be worn.

What does native dress mean?

The term 'native dress' refers to clothing that is traditionally worn by the people of a certain culture or area. Native dress can include decorated parkas in the north or the long buckskin dresses traditionally worn by many Native American women.

What is a hijah?

== Hijah is the veil worn by Islamic Women. It can also refer to a modest dress or head scarf.==

Did women in Ancient Rome wwear stolas?

Yes, stolas were worn by ancient Roman women. The stola was a long dress, usually sleeveless and worn with two belts. It was gathered and pinned at the shoulders by pins or broaches. It was worn over an under tunic.