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What is the population of Athens in Greece?


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the population in Greece at 1830 just after the revolution was 30 percent albanian christians 40 percent albanian muslims and the rest was a mixture of sllavic people, jews,vllahics from armenia.bullgarians, romanians etc etc.when king Otto of Bavaria went there and decided to make it its own kingdom and call it Greece,started taking greek lessons but when he realized that the whole population was speaking only albanian language he ordered public teaching of greek language and stared persecuting all albanians and whoever spoke that language.ethnic cleansing started to all muslims and those who refused converting into orthodox christians.and they got replaced by 2 million of Rumanians and Moldavians mostly gypsies who became the new (Hellenics) Greeks by just accepting to embrace whatever the population of Greece now the true natives there are only the Albanians,which have been there for millenniums.