What is the population of Paris?


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On Jan 1, 2010, the population of Paris was 2 201 578 inhabitants.


Official figures given out by the French Government, 30 dec. 2008:

Paris (town): 2,181,371
Paris (urban area):11,174,743




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Paris Orléans's population is 31.

Paris-l'Hôpital's population is 214.

Paris has a population of about 2,500,000. However, its urban area has a population of about 10,000,000.

The population of Paris, France in 1830 was 785,862 people. Currently the population of Paris, France is 2.2 million people.

The current estimated population of Paris, France is 2,243,833 people. Paris is the capital of France and the largest city by population.

one fifth of french population in in Paris :)

According to, the 2007 ACS population estimate for Paris, Texas, is 26,083.

On January 1st 2010 the population of Paris France is approxomatly 2,186,097 people.

According to the latest estimate Paris, France has a population of 2.34 million people.

The population of Paris is around 2.2 million and London 8.1 million.

32 million don't listen to that if Paris had a population of 32 million then it would be the most populated city in the world, the real population of Paris including the urban area would be just over 10 million

The population of THG Paris is 230.

Yes. Paris has a population of about 10 million people.

In 1790, Paris, France had an estimated population of 630,000. This was at the height of the prosperous 18th century. Today, the city's population is roughly 2.34 million.

the population of Paris is 12 million people but the population will never be exact because of people coming and going but in this day and time it is said that about 12million people live in Paris.Thankyou I really needed that answer!!!

at the end of 2008, the population of Marseille was 839,043. (second-largest after Paris). The population of Marseille's urban area was 1,516,340 (third largest after Paris and Lyon)

Yes. The city of Rome has a population of approximately 2,700,000 while Paris' population estimates are around 2,200,000

White population: 70 %

Aéroports de Paris's population is 9,500.

An estimated 70, 4 million tourists visited Paris in 2007, but tourists are not included in population figures.

The Le Havre is the nearest seaport to Paris. Paris is the capital of France and has a population of 2.2 million people.

the population of Paris france is 52,632,744from: Sara Long

Paris is about 87 km2 in physical size. It has a population of about 2 million people.

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