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What is the population of a red panda?

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Estimates are hard to derive as concerns the red panda because many creatures look similar enough to the red panda that they end up being counted and many red pandas live too far from human settlements to be noticed.

Estimates range between 2500 individuals to 20,000 individuals, but most the common estimate is 10,000 individuals.

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What is the population of the red panda?


Why is the population of the red panda so low?

pollution and humans

Why is a red panda called a red panda?

The red panda is called the red panda due to their color fur.

How many red panda are there?

Red Pandas are classified as vulnerable. There is no reliabe number for the total population.

Is the red panda the smallest panda?

Yes. The red panda is the smallest panda.

What would be a cute red panda joke?

knock knock whos there red red who furry red panda! thats who

Is the red panda a real panda?

Yes the red panda resembles a red raccoon.

Is a red panda as big as a normal panda?

a red panda is a lot smaller that a normal panda

How is the giant panda and the red panda the same?

The giant panda and the red panda are in the same family, but are not really the same, as the red panda is believed to be closer to the raccoon than the giant panda.

Where can you get a red panda?

It is illegal to have a red panda as a pet.

Does a Red Panda camouflage?

no the red panda does not camouflage

Is the Red Panda a bear?

no the red panda is not a bear

What is harmful about a red panda?

the red on the panda is blood

What is the population of a panda?

the population of the panda us 1700 000

What is Panda Express's population?

The population of Panda Express is 13,000.

Is the red panda extinct?

No, they are not extinct. The Red Panda is however listed, according to the IUCN Red List, with a status of "vulnerable", and a population trend of "decreasing". For more details, please see sites listed below.

Who would win out of a red panda or a red fox?

red panda by far.

What do you call a male red panda?

a red panda :) a cub is a baby, but other than that, its a red panda to me xD

Is that a red panda on the telus commercial?

I think that it is a red panda.

What is the difference between a red panda and a giant panda?

A red panda is smaller and it's red. A giant panda is black and white and it's very large.

Is there a difference between a panda bear and a red panda?

yes a red panda is much smaller and is red a panda is black and white and very large but they are both from china

What are the good quotes to save red panda?

Save the red panda Imagine their fear Save the red panda Their extinction is near

Is the red panda the most endangered panda?

Yes, the red panda is considered endangered while the giant panda is considered vulnerable.

Why does the red panda have red hair?

I think it might be because it's a red Panda.

What happens when red pandas mate?

you get a red panda INFANT or a red panda NEWBORN.

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