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There are 73 million native french speakers and another 338 million non-native speakers of the language in the world. France contains the majority of native speakers with over 64 million living within its boundaries. So in this way France could be considered the largest french speaking country, due to it having the largest population of french speakers.

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The total population of all French-speaking countries is approximately 300 million people. French is spoken as a first or second language in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Well, the total population of native French speakers is around 77 million people, and the total number of French speakers (as a first or other language) is about 467 million.

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Q: What is the population of all the french speaking countries?
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What are three French speaking countries?

France, Canada, Haiti, and Vietnam for starters. Andorra, Belgium, Switzerland, many islands in the Caribbean, and French Guiana also speak French. Countries in Africa that were once french colonies also speak French.

What are all the french speaking countries that celebrate Christmas?

there are none

French countries on how many continents?

French-speaking countries are located on all continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. France itself is located in Europe, but it has territories in various regions around the world.

How many pupils learn french in non french speaking countries?

Nobody can give you an exact number but 85% of all French speaking people are not French.

What is the world's population of all french speaking people?

2 billion

What are the French speaking countries in Canada?

Canada is a country. It doesn't contain any additional countries. If you are asking what provinces speak French, Québec has the largest French-speaking population, but French is official in all of the provinces. ---------- Canada is bilingual making French an official Canadian language but not the provinces. Only Manitoba and NB are bilingual, French English.

Which continent has the greatest amount of french speaking countries?

Africa has the greatest amount of French-speaking countries, with a total of 29 countries where French is commonly spoken. These countries were previously French colonies, and French continues to be widely used in various sectors such as government, education, and media.

What are two other generalizations about French-speaking people or countries?

French-speaking people are often associated with a strong emphasis on culture, art, and cuisine. French-speaking countries tend to have a history of colonial influence and typically have a passion for preserving their language and traditions.

All French speaking counties in French?

If you mean, "all french speaking countries are in France" Then no, There is Canadian french, Québec, And there are bilingual provinces like New Brunswick.There is also some french in India, and many people move from India to France because of this.

What are all the non African french speaking countries?

Quebec in Canada, some islands in the Carribeans (Haiti), France and French Guyana, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Andorra, Polynesia Then you have a lots of countries with a French-speaking minority like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Louisiana in the United States, etc...

How many French speaking coutries are in Central America?

None. All countries in Central America are Spanish-speaking, except Belize, where English is the dominant language.

Which provinces of Canada have large French-speaking populations?

Québec. ====== Eastern and Northeastern Ontario have significant French-speaking populations, as does Manitoba. New Brunswick is Canada's only Officially Bilingual province. French is also spoken in many pockets across Canada. French and English are Canada's Official Languages and have equal status.