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What is the population of animals in Egypt?

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Egypt is home to 100 mammal species, however there is no known exact number of animals in the entire country. Egypt has an estimated human population of 86,502,500.

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What animals were found in Egypt?

the animals that were found in egypt were cats

What is the current population of Egypt?

The current population of Egypt is 83,082,869

What poisonous animals are in Egypt?

There are plenty of poisonous animals in Egypt like certain species of scorpions and spiders. Rattle snakes are also poisonous animals in Egypt.

What was the population of Egypt in 2016?

The population of Egypt in 2016 was 95.69 million people.

What is the entire population of Cairo Egypt?

In 2010 the population of Cairo, Egypt is 7786640.

What is the approximate population of Egypt?

In 2012, population of Egypt was ca. 82.5 million.

What was the population of Egypt in 1960?

In 1960, the population of Egypt was 25.9 million people. The three largest cities in Egypt, by population, are Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza.

What is the population density of Egypt?

The population density of Egypt is 79.76 people per square kilometer. The current population of Egypt is 80.72 million people.

Which has the larger population England or Egypt?

Egypt has a population of 81.5 million. The UK has a population of 60.9 million.

Where does Egypt rank in the world population?

Egypt is 16th with a population of 75,527,000.Source: Wikipedia

Why did they mummfiy animals in Ancient Egypt?

they mummified animals in Ancient Egypt to give them as offerings to the gods.

How were animals in Egypt born?

Because animals where born in England first and then got transportted to Egypt

How big was the ancient Egypt civilization area?

In Ancient Egypt, the population was over 100,000 people. The population was at its height when the Jews were in Egypt.

What country has the largest population of believers of Egypt?


What is the population per square mile in Egypt?

the population per square mile of Egypt is meep

What is the population of the largest city in Egypt?

The City of Cairo in Egypt and The population of The City is 44,516,181 people

What was the population of anceint Egypt?

The Population of Egypt is 81,527,172 million hope Iver helped you all out :)

What is Egpyt's population?

Egypt has a population of 77,783,000

What was the population of ancient Egypt?

The population of ancient egypt was about 2 million peopleabout 10 millon people

What animals are from Egypt?


What was the population of Egypt in 2001?

In Egypt of 2001 the popluation was 69,537,000

Which has bigger population - Egypt or Saudi Arabia?


Is the population of Egypt 81712520?

The population of Egypt is not 81,712,520 exactly since people are being born and people die in Egypt all of the time, but the population is at 81.7 Million plus or minus 5%.

What is Egypts population now?

"Egypt" - Population: 81,713,520

What is the population increase for Egypt?

they did it