What is the postal address of the president?

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave
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What is the littlewoods catalog postal address?

I called them this morning(14th July 2010) to get the address for customer services and was told to write to:- Littlewoods Customer Services Department Sandringham House Sandringham Avenue CHELMSFORD CM92 - 1LJ

You want the contact numbers and postal address of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam - former President of India.?

Sir , wewould like to invite you for the silver jubilee celebrations of our school and hence kindly send the formalities and contact address or the contact numbers to fix an appointment with u. eargely waiting for your call. The Principal,. ongole public school,. mangamoor road, ongole- 523 002. ( Full Answer )

Ellen Page postal address?

It is, that this website doesnt give exact information so this could be or could not be Ellen Pages postal adress:. - 3467 Hollywood Drive

What is Batista's postal address?

76 B Wimari Road Christchurch New Zealand This is just his holiday home but he will b here in a couple of months! Hes touring here in a couple of months when hes in new zealand so im sure hel like to read ur fan mails ive sent some already looking forward to a reply from him!!

What is your postal address?

Your postal address is the full postal address of your home or mailbox, it will include your name, your home or mailbox number, street, town, country and post code. In short enough detail for any mail or packages posted anywhere in the world to find its way via the postal service to you.

What is postal address?

In the UK, the postal address is the address which your premises are given by Royal Mail which is responsible for stamped mail. Your postal address sometimes differs slightly from your actual address, therefore if you are expecting visitors, they need to be given your actual address as opposed to yo ( Full Answer )

What is Pams enquiry postal address?

PAMS stands for postal automated mail system. It's a special application for USPS postal clerk in army post offices. It allows to trace badly addressed mail and much more. Being an Army application it's most definitely not available to the public.

Postal address of dr.kalam?

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, No 10, Rajaji marg, New Delhi -110011. Phone: 011 23793601 Email : apj@abdulkalam.com

Where can you find a postal code for an address in Ireland?

Ireland does not use address codes, just addresses. Your post will get there using the typical structure of a postal address which would be: Name Street Town County Ireland For internet forms, use IE as the code.

What is Santas postal address?

all you do is put Santa Claus on the letter and north pole and you address and it sends to him it takes a while for him to anser put it works

What is the postal address for CBS news?

CBS 2 Broadcast Center 22 West Washington Sreett. Chicago, IL 60602 Further Information: Phone Numbers: Main Number: 312-899-2222 Assignment Desk/News Tips: 312-899-2200; FAX 312-849-7200 Planning Desk: 312-899-2454; FAX 312-849-7454 News Tip Hotline: 1-800-CH2-NEWS

Postal address of Shahrukh Khan?

What the question you are asking Man,. Anyways,. If you want post some thing to shah rukh ,. Here is the address Mannat, Band Stand , Mumbai,. You can send any post on this addresss,. definitely he will get it and even you can try also via sending one courier

What is the postal address of the BBC?

BBC, PO Box 1922, Glasgow, G2 3WT . The quickest way to contact the BBC, however, is to click on the related link, it should take you to the Contact Us BBC site.

Postal address of President of India?

Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 004 EPABX : 23015321, Fax : 011-23017290 & 011-23017824 Email: presidentofindia@rb.nic.in

What is the postal address of Suriname's Foreign Ministry?

Following is the postal address of Suriname's Foreign Ministry: Lim A Poststraat 25 Paramaribo Suriname The correct heading is " Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken ." This is the Dutch equivalent of "Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

What is postal address of rgpv?

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) contact information . Address. Airport Bypass Road Gandhi Nagar BHOPAL 462 036 . City. Bhopal. State. Madhya Pradesh. Phone Number. 91 755 2678890-91. Email. rgpvbpl@sancharnet.in.

What is the postal address for Hyundai?

The Managing Director, Hyundai Motor India Limited N.P. 54 Developed Plot Thiruvika Industrial Estate Ekkaduthangal Chennai : 600032 Tamil Nadu ,India .India

Can postal police arrest the president?

ANY citizen is liable to arrest for an offense. In the US, theoretically, not even the President is immune from arrest by a duly constituted law enforcment officer regardless of WHAT agency they work for.

What is the postal address of up chief minister?

Respected mam, This is Anuj Kumar Yadav s/o Sri Vijay Kumar Yadav who was placed as gangman in jal kal zone 5 pani tanki indira nagar lko. and my father has been expired on 13/09/11. And I have given all the document in the office .But I have not found any service till now .I am in trouble.I requ ( Full Answer )

What is the postal address of NASA USA?

(1) the first vegetable to go in space was potato,(2)peggy whiton was famous because was astronats,reseacher and biochemistry.(3)first flight for columbia was space shuttle columbia

What is the postal address of Prestwick Airport?

The postal address of Prestwick Aiport is, Shaw Rd Ayr, South Ayrshire KA9 2PL, United Kingdom. The phone number is +44 871 223 0700. Prestwick Airport serves the greater Glasgow area.

How can a postal address be changed in the US?

One can change their official postal address through the United States Postal Service website. One uses the UMove official form, which updates the users postal address.

What is the postal address for ATimes?

The Asia Times is located at Unit b, 16/F, Li Dong Building, No. 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, hong Kong. It also has a Thailand Bureau at 11/13 Petchkasen Road, Hua Hin, Prachuab Kirikhan, Thailand 77110.

What is the postal address for OSH Hardware?

The mailing address for the Orchard Supply Hardware store headquarters is 6450 Via Del Oro San Jose, California 95119. If you are trying to find a specific store in your area, you need to use the website's store locator.

What is the postal address for Langdon School?

The location of the Langdon School can be found on several websites on the internet. Various sources state that the address is: 17 Brander Avenue, N.W. Langdon, Alberta. TOJ 1X2

What is the postal address for the Bullis School?

The postal address for the Bullis High School is Bulli High School - Ursula Road, Bulli, P.O.Box 147, Woonona. 2517, United States of America. It is also possible to write a fax to (02) 42 852232.

What is the postal address for Colortrend?

The postal address of Colortrend is 6933 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, California 91406. They are in a location that is just north of the city of Los Angeles.