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What is the prefered diet of the bush rat?

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Q: What is the prefered diet of the bush rat?
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The gnat sat on the rat but to tell the truth it prefered the cat.

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What is some information about the native bush rat of Australia?

The native bush rat is one of Australia's few native rodents, and quite different to the black rat, which is not native. The bush rat has an average body length of about 160 mm and a tail length of 150 mm. Its average weight is 160g. the colour of its fur varies from grey brown to reddish brown above and grey to light brown on its abdomen. The bush rat is found throughout most of the mainalnd of Australia. It can be found from sub-alpine climates down to coastal heathlands and scrubland. The bush rat is omnivorous, feeding on insects as well as leaves, fruit, seeds and fungi. This diet is an asset to the bush rat's survival because it means that, after a bushfire when much vegetation has been destroyed, the bush rat can still find fungi, which is one of the first new food sources to emerge. Bush rats are known to breed in Spring, Summer and Autumn, producing an average of five young in each litter. There may be several litters during any breeding season. The young are weaned at around 4 weeks old, and begin reproducing at around 4 months old.

What is scientific name of Indian Bush Rat?

The scientific name of Indian Bush Rat is Golunda ellioti. It is a species of rodent in the Muridaefamily (largest family of mammals and includes true mice and rats, gerbils, and relatives). Indian Bush Rat is found in India, Iran, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

What eats a brittle bush?

mule deer and kangaroo rat

What is an example of cold desert commensalism?

a rat makeing a nest in a bush

What is the Texas kangaroo rat diet?

I think bugs

How are the teeth of the rat related to its diet?

Because they are stupid.

Is there rat poison in diet soda?

There is no way to say for certain, but the answer is likely no. There may be possible shared compounds for both rat poison and diet soda, but given the wide diversity of components used in rat poison (both as inactive and active ingredients), one would have to compare every single rat poison to every single diet soda. Furthermore, given that the FDA strictly controls what components can be used for human consumption, it undermines the notion that there is rat poison in diet soda. Hope that helped.

What is a rat's diet?

A rats diet should mainly consist of a staple rat food like lab blocks or Oxbow rat food with some fresh fruit and veggies on occasion.

What is the biggest rodent rat in the wold?

George Bush Jr. But the Capybara is a close second

How can i help my rat terrier dog lose weight?

By diet and exercise

How do you take care of a dumbo rat?

Same way you care for a normal rat. Lots of research into diet, housing, husbandry & handling.

What are rats diet?

I have a pet domestic rat, and i have yet to find anything he WON'T eat. So, in answer to your question their diet is EVERYTHING

What are some metaphors in the book flush by Carl Hiaasen?

the crazy old bush rat

What dog food do most vets recommend for rat terriers?

Science Diet

What are bush tailed-rat kangaroos?

There is no species known as a "bush tailed rat-kangaroo". The closest is the Brush tailed Bettong, as the bettong is a type of rat-kangaroo. Also known as the woylie, this animal is a native marsupial of Australia, found in dry sclerophyll forest areas of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, New South Wales and South Australia.

What does it mean if rat if shivering?

that could indicate too much sugar in their diet or a health problem. Either way, talk to a rat specialist immediately.

What food should you feed your rat?

Mostly grains and seeds. You can probably find packs of rat food at PetCo or a local pet store. But A commonly recommended diet is Oxbow Hay's "Regal Rat."

Does Diet Coke contain rat poison?

Diet Coke doesn't contain any poison because of it's ingredient label if you looked

What first lady of the 1980's was shocked to find a rat swimming with her in the White House pool?

Barbara Bush was shocked to find a rat with her one day while swimming.

What First Lady of the 1980's was shocked to find a tremendous rat swimming with her in the White House Pool?

Barbara Bush reportedly saw a rat in the outdoor white house pool.She said it was not a cute Walt Disney type rat.

What is a African bush viper's diet?

Frogs, mice and similarly-sized animals.

What makes the brown rat one of the most abundant species on earth?

It has a wide variety of its diet.

What can you feed your rats?

The best kind of food is Regal Rat food. Another good thing to feed your rat are lab blocks. DO NOT feed your rat seed mix it is not good for them and they only pick out what they like and don't get a balanced diet.