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What is the prefix in exorbitant?


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There is no prefix. If Orbitant isn't a word, there can't be a prefix on Exorbitant.


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Exorbitant means hugely overinflated. Those prices are exorbitant.

Exorbitant means excessive.

I looked at the exorbitant housing prices.

The noun form for the adjective exorbitant is exorbitance.

The chandeliers in the dining room were both exorbitant and expensive. His exorbitant lifestyle took him around the world. The check cashing service charged exorbitant interest rates.

The rate of the purse was exorbitant high. This is a sentence containing the word exorbitant.

There are many synonyms for the word "exorbitant" at the Thesaurus website. Some synonyms for exorbitant are outrageous, unreasonable, pricey, high, extreme, and expensive.

EXORBITANT : excessive compared to the usual , often used as "an exorbitant price".

The check cashing companies charge an exorbitant interest rate.

The merchant was charging an exorbitant amount of money for the candy bar.

Cops need to use an exorbitant amount of courage to arrest people.

"I thought the cab fare of 200$ to get home from the airport was quite exorbitant.""Exorbitant" is used as an adjective : 'The rising costs of gasoline were regarded as exorbitant when compared to last Summer's fuel prices which were markedly lower .'We all know that she is eager to have that pretty dress for the junior prom, but the problem is that the price is a little exorbitant.

She knew he was gambling because exorbitant amounts of money were missing from their bank account.

The root word for exorbitant is the Latin term orbita, which means course or track.The breakdown of the word exorbitant is as follows:ex- means out fromorbita means course or track.So the word exorbitant would mean going off track or unusually high.

Management rejected the union's demande to higher wages and better benefits as exorbitant.

Loan sharks are people who charge exorbitant interest rates on the money they lend.

'Exorbitant' is the correct spelling.

The correct spelling is exorbitant (overpriced).

I think that school textbooks are exorbitantly priced.

The correct spelling of the adjective is "exorbitant" (excessive, or overdone)

The correct spelling is "exorbitant" (excessive, overly high).

Prohibitively Exorbitant Prescription

The prefix for preparing is pre- (This goes for prefix too, as the prefix of prefix IS pre-)

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