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What is the prefix suffix root combining form and combining vowel of subcutaneous?

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The prefix is sub- (meaning underneath or below), the suffix is -ous (meaning to pertain to) and the root word is -cutane- meaning skin. The word subcutaneous means pertaining to beneath the skin.

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What is the prefix and suffix for adenopathy?

prefix aden combining vowel o and suffix pathy

Is a combining vowel used when the suffix begins with a consonant?

No, a combining vowel is used when the suffix begins with a vowel.

What is the prefix combining form and suffix of neuroma?

"Neuroma" has no prefix. The word root is neur- and the suffix is -oma. "Neur/o is the root meaning nerve . Oma is the suffix meaning tumor or mass And o is the combining vowel Definition : mass of nerve . Answer to the question is neur/o which is the combining form :) not combining prefix you see because neur/o combines with lots of term such as neurological neurologist ect then just break them down some have no prefixes but double roots just really define what the actual words suffix and prefix mean all medical terms have a suffix bur not always a prefix .

What is the basic foundation of a medical term?

A combining form that gives the word its medical meaning. It contains two parts, the root and a combining vowel, the root contains the medical meaning. And sometimes prefix and suffix.

When do you remove the ending a of greek prefix?

The alpha, or any other short vowel ending of a Greek prefix metamorphoses into a longer vowel, usually eta, when combining a prefix with a root word beginning with a vowel.

What suffix requires the use of the combining vowel?

the philosophical content in metaphysical poetry

What is the combining vowel?

Combining vowels exist between parts of many words. For example, take the word "gastroenterology." The beginning gastr is a root meaning "stomach." Enter is another root meaning "intestines." When the two roots are put together, the combining vowel "o" is put in to separate them.On the other hand, in "gastritis" there is no combining vowel because gastr is followed not by another root but by the suffix itis, and that suffix starts with a vowel.

What is the prefix for number 10?

Ten does not have a prefix or suffix. It has one vowel, so it only has a root- ten.

What is the prefix suffix root combining form and combining vowel of polymorphonuclear?

The word polymorphonuclear means having many nuclei that are not the same form. Poly- means many, -morpho- means shape, -nucl- means nucleus and -lear means having.

What is the combining vowel for bradycardia?

There is no combining vowel in bradycardia.

Does the word exophthalmos have a combining vowel?

There's no combining vowel in exophthalmos.

What is an incision of a bone called?

Osteotomy Oste/o means bone with combining vowel -tomy is a suffix for "incision" or "to cut into"

Which is a combining form not a prefix or a suffix?

if your choices are A.OPSY B.CENTESIS C. PATHO D. RETRO it is C.PATHO i took a test and this was one of the questions and the answer was c.patho if there is not multiple choice answers the answer would be the combing vowel in the medical term when you break it down .

What is the combining vowel for otorrhea?

Otorrhea (ot = ear + rrhea = flow) is the medical term of discharge from the ear. OT = word root - WHERE the problem is rrhea = suffix - WHAT is the problem Ot / o / rrhea = the "o" is the combining vowel to make pronunciation easier.

Does -algia require the use of a combining vowel?

"-algia" doesn't need a combining vowel, because it brings its own -- it starts with a vowel.

Can the letter Y be a combining vowel in medical terminology?

Yes, "Y" can be used as a vowel, and thus can be a combining vowel form. Normally it is substituted for the letter "I".

What are the components of a combining form?

A word root and a combining vowel.

What does a combining form consist of?

Combining forms consist of a word root and a vowel. For example, cardi/o, where cardi is the word root and o is the "combining" vowel.

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