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the price for a 68 impala is $8,500.00.

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Q: What is the price for a 68 impala?
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What is the price for a 68 Impala convertible?

The price of a car depends on its condition, and mileage. A well taken care of 1968 Chevy Impala convertible price can be between $15,000-$28,000.

What kind of transmission came in a 68 impala?

Turbo hydramatic

What is the KBB price for a 1996 Impala SS?

"KBB does not offer a strict price for a 1996 Impala SS. However, when researched the average selling price for a 1996 Impala SS, they sell for

Do the 1966 impala have round tail lights?

No, the 66 has the rectangular tail lights. 68 has round lights. I own a 66, but I prefer the 68 tail lights. google Impala images.

Is the body style the same on a 68 and 69 impala?

no they're not the same.

Will a front end of a 67 impala fit on a 68 caprice?

The doors are not the same.

What is the KBB price for a 96 Impala SS?

"The price for a 1996 Chevrolet Impala as found by KBB is priced at about $7,450 dollars. KBB lists this price for a used sedan model and through a dealer's price range."

How do you change a glove box lock on a 68 Chevy impala?

Where does the brake fulid go on a 68 impala?

In the master clylinder be careful not to get air bubbles in the lines.

How much is the price for 2014 Chevy Impala?

The MSRP is $26,725.

1989 price of bread?

About .68 cents

What is a fair resale price for a 96 Impala ss?

"To find a fair resale price for a 96 Impala SS, check out automobile resale magazines or automobile resale websites for comparison. The price will also depend on the condition of the car."

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