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Problem exists in the injection fuel pumping timing and also sensors for both heads and for high electrical voltage. Take in to a reputable dealer that has the tech II knowledge along with the correct way of setting the pump timing. GNX MAN6..

If you have not relocated the PMD or FSD you should do so before undertaking any other work on the truck. It is a $300 part and GM put it in a bad location they overheat in the stock location causing the truck to stall, not start, and throw codes. They are on Ebay, SSDiesel Supply and Heath Diesel. This is one case where aftermarket is better than stock.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-22 01:12:34
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Q: What is the probable cause for codes 17 18 35 36 87 for a 95 GMC Sierra 6.5L diesel?
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