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You may need to check your ground to make sure its connected. Many people have to end up rerouting it b/c it comes loose. Check the relay and fuse under the hood.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-11 19:16:34
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Q: What is the problem if Both cooling fans are not coming on even with the ac turned on in a 1995 Camaro Z28?
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What is the difference in the two fans on a 94 Camaro?

One kicks on for normal cooling, they both kick on when the air conditioner is turned on.

How do you fix a grinding speedometer in a 1980 camaro z28?

I had that problem in my 84 and it turned out to be the cable itself

Is it normal for the cooling fan on a 1994 Camaro V6 to turn on when car is nearing red temperature?

Cooling fan should come on either when coolant temperature reaches 235 degrees or the A/C or defroster is turned on

Why is 1998 Camry cooling fan not coming on when engine is hot but turned off?

I had a problem with the cooling fans not coming on when the car was at rest.... so when i would stop at lights the temp would start rising... i ended up working out you can override the faulty circuit by turning on your a/c when you pull up and that overrides it and they turn on and no more over heating..

Check engine light comes on when key turned on but not coming on once engine is turned on why?

It is not supposed to be on when engine is running unless there is a problem.

1997 Toyota rav4 cooling fans come on as soon as the switch is turned on ans stay on until key is turned off what is the problem?

coolant temp switch or fan relay are bad.

Why does your 1992 acura legend cooling fans continue to run after your car is turned off?

Most cooling fans will stay on for a minute or so after turning off the car in warm weather. If they stay on past a minute or so, then there is a problem.

How do you know if it is the ignition switch or your solonied that is bad in a '88 Ford truck?

Is the selenoid getting power when the switch is turned to the start position? If yes, it's not a switch problem. Is power coming THROUGH the switch and to the starter when the key is turned to start? If not, it's a selenoid problem. If yes, it's a starter problem.

Whirling noise under hood for 10 seconds after engine is turned off?

It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off. It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off.

My Saturn SL coolant gauge shows car overheating when AC us turned on. If I leave the ac off can I still drive safely?

You can, but you still have a cooling problem that needs rectification.

Your 1999 Dodge Intrepid is overheating Is it most likely the thermostat?

Hi Same problem with mine, after replacing water pump, thermostat I still had a problem. It turned out that my cooling fan was not working. When the motor was hot the fan didn't run, you should check yours. The AC fan will run when it is turned on so check that too.

Is vapor a chemical change?

no as it can be turned back to water or be freeze to ice by over cooling.

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