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Could be a bad cooling fan on your Processer or a bad power supply.

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Q: What is the problem if the computer then and there restarts?
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After a computer crashes and restarts what type of tool automatically runs and tries to determine a solution to the problem?

Startup Repair Tool

Why your computer restarts when you open properties of your computer?

It shouldn't react. If it does, this may be a virus.

What happens if you reboot your computer?

When you reboot your computer, your computer restarts, or starts again. This is just like restarting your computer.

Sims 3 restarts compuer when trying to run it by launcher?

I've just got the game and I installed it. When I try to run it by launcher, my computer restarts. But when I run it by crack it works perfectly. Can anyone help me, I really wanna know what's the problem?

Computer restarts when not used for a long time?

yeah the do restart

What does the quarter moon on the right side of your keyboard mean?

It restarts your computer.

Why your computer restarts unexpectedly?

usually a sign of instability probably a viruis

When you play runescape for like 10 minutes this blue screen comes and restarts your computer?

No that means its your computer its not runescape you ass

Why most problem get resolved after restart?

Probably because the program causing the problem shuts down and then the system restarts normally.

When a computer restarts while on the processes of boot up very time this would indicate what?

There is likely a problem with the operating system. Try re-installing your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux etc)

When play online game computer restarts?

reinstall your window i think your window is corrupt.

Automatically restart when power comes?

What automatically restarts..? Your computer, your server, your printer, your router, your playstation...?

What does apple 1 computer do?

I'm not 100% sure but i think it quits the application then instantly restarts it

How to stop the Dell inspison loading an infinite number of times?

I can't tell what you are asking. Can you please explain your problem?Perhaps you have a virus. So the simple solutions are get rid of the virus that restarts your computer or unplug/turn off your computer and it will stop loading up.

Why Computer restarts while running some program?

i really am not sure... mabye it is because it needs to update something or mabye the computer has a mind!!! LOL

How can i remove blue screen error?

There are many things that can cause a blue screen. If the computer restarts fine, it could have just been a syntax error, and you can move on. If it always occurs when you restart, you likely have a major software problem.

Why does a computer restarts on its own?

Most Likely A Computer Will Restart to Maintain updates from the system. Sometimes you will get a message if you put new software on your computer that you will have to restart in order for the software to work correctly.

When you install the game Medal of Honor Airborne does your computer restarts?

I never installed Medal of Honor Airborne, but most large games do require you to restart your computer.

Why does a computer restarts by itself?

It Doesn't restart By Itself... It Justs Downloads Files Sometimes so it needs to restart.

How do I fix Restarting your computer is required?

I have the same problem. I click on "Yes" to restart then I see two error messages that pops up, "sprtcmd.exe" & "hptskmgr.exe", then it shuts down and restarts. The "Restarting your computer is required" pops up again. I then downloaded "Glary Utilities" & I already have "CCleaner" installed in my computer which both are suppose to fix .exe errors. It did not fix the problem. And I search other good registry cleaner on the internet. It can help me fix the problem easily. That's Registry Easy!

What can you do if a computer constantly restarts but never boots up?

If you hear beeping, check the memory sticks to see if they are seated properly.

Do you have a virus if your computer screen turns blue and restarts itself?

Its the blue screen of death you need a new hard drive :(

How can you solve a blue screen error that starts over on restart and keeps an endless loop of restarts?

hmm, looks like you have a virus or something on your computer, easy solution, try and back up all your files, and wipe your computer, this should solve the problem if not i am not sure. hope this helps and good luck! x

On VisualBoyAdvance emulator what happens when you beat the elite four and the game restarts since you can't save within the game?

Your computer explodes.

What is wrong when car cuts off in middle of driving and restarts after you turn car off remove key then restarts?

Yes but I don't take the key out it just restarts

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