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check that the vacuum hose is not clogged up

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Q: What is the problem on 96 bronco 5.8 that idles rough except when you remove the vacuum line off the top of the egr valve everything has been replaced--egr iac egr sensor oxygen sensors?
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Is a 84 bronco able to change parts with a 86 bronco?

yes most everything

O2 sensor on an 1986 ford bronco 5.0?

O2 sensors are located in the manifolds & front pipes

Where is the oxygen sensor on 1995 Ford Bronco?

All O2 sensors are threaded into the exhaust system at various points.

Where and how many o2 oxygen sensors on a 1995 ford bronco 351?

there is usually three in the exhaust one at each exhaust manifold and if your bronco happens to be early obd2 then theres one behind the catylytic converter

How do I fix an engine light code 133 on a 1996 Ford Bronco 351 engine?

To fix an engine light code of 133 on a 1996 Ford Bronco with a 351 engine, the oxygen sensors need to be replaced. There are two oxygen sensors on this vehicle. One is on the driver's side and the other is on the passenger side of the exhaust or catalytic converter.

Will 1985 ford bronco 2 doors fit on a 1986 ford bronco 2?

yes just make sure to align everything so it all works properly

How do you replace the water pump on a 1966 bronco?

hi, all you have to do is fit it no problem oli

Where is the knock sensor on a 86 Bronco?

If you are talking about the 86 fullsize bronco on the driver side of the intake there are two sensors bolted onto the intake the one in the back is the knock sensor good luck finding one they are discontinued if you do let me know where you found it I am looking for one

Where do you find timing chain diagram for 1986 351 windsor bronco?

When there is a problem in a vehicle, a diagram can help pinpoint some of the problems. A 1986 Windsor Bronco has a timing chain diagram in its maintenance manual.

How do you adjust ignition timing on 90' ford bronco?

factory specs for distributor position then everything else is electronic

1990 bronco replaced plugs wires distributor cap rotar and it is still missing badly what else could it be?

Had the same year bronco - similar problem. Felt like it was hitting on 6 or 7 cylinders... looked over everything, but in the end it turned out to be a small almost invisible crack in the exhaust manifold. When the manifold is cracked is will either suck or release air (depending on which manifold is cracked) and that will throw off all the info from your O2 sensors and mess up the fuel-air-fire ratio in your motor... which can them make it seem intermittently sluggish or feel like it's missing. Hope this helps.

Can you burn a mixture of 15 percent vegetable oil and 85 percent gasoline in a car without damaging the cat or the sensors I run this mixture in my 1983 ford Bronco with no problems at all?


Is there 302 engine conversion kit for a 1989 Bronco 11?

james duff enterprises has everything that you'll need to swap in a 302

1988 Ford Bronco II Bought a new alternator battery charged up start the car battery light comes on then it dies what is the problem?

does your bronco have an external voltage regulator if so i would take it and have it checked

Is a bronco 1 or 2 bigger?

There is the FULL SIZE BRONCO and then the Bronco II ( the Bronco II is smaller , eventually replaced by the Ford Explorer)

What can cause the power locks not to work on a 1990 bronco?

I replaced the drivers door switch on mine and it took care of the problem

Is a bronco ii frame the same as a 72 bronco?

No , the 1972 Ford Bronco is a full size vehicle

Switch in your 1982 Ford Bronco for the rear window does not work what are the steps for repairing it or trouble shooting the problem?

i have a 82 bronco as well and i also had the same problem i checked the window motor and everthing was ok so i checked the PLUG in the dash where the switch is and found my problem it was the CONNECTOR it had come loose so i just pushed it back on and pow fixed it try this out if you havent already found and fixed the problem good luck and thanks for your question

Did Anyone have a problem with vapor locks?

I just figured out my Bronco 2 is vapor locking. Going to insulate the fuel lines tomorrow.

What do you think is better A Blazer or Bronco?

BRONCO power BABY a bronco will pull a blazer anyday. hook em

Will there be a ford bronco 3?

Probably not because the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco 2 were not very good by their motor.

Why do the new starter bolts on my 1995 Ford Bronco fit tight but continue to fall out?

This is a very common problem when you put them back in you could try cleaning everything with brake cleaner spray,bolts and bolt holes and dry real good with air or rag.Just check them regularly but don`t over tighten.I know of 4 different rangers/ broncoii that have this problem.

How can you manually roll up a 1986 ford bronco rear window?

If its the bronco XLT you'll have to take the tail gate paneling off the inside. The motor, gears, etc. for the rear window are located in there. I had the same problem with mine sometime back.

1988 ford bronco steering column 1993 bronco?


What is older a colt or a bronco?

Bronco - a colt is a baby animal

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