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What is the problem when the blower fans only work some of the time on a 1999 Alero?

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Just had the same problem. First my blower motor would onlywork on "high", and then it started to change speeds and shut off by itself. Replace the resistor mounted in front of the blower motor.It costs about 40.00 at a dealer.

2005-12-05 18:13:04
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Why would blower motor come on when ignition is off?

Is it the blower motor or is it the fans in the front?if its the fans they will come on at anytime to help cool engine down better.If its the blower motor for the interior heat and air you got a electrical problem. Is it the blower motor or is it the fans in the front?if its the fans they will come on at anytime to help cool engine down better.If its the blower motor for the interior heat and air you got a electrical problem. If it is the blower motor for your heater then it is definatly you blower resistor

On your 1995 sunfire the interior fans have completely stopped working on all settings Where could this problem lie All fuses are good?

The blower motor, or blower motor relay is probably out.

Why are the fans running on a Oldsmobile alero 2000 when the car is on?

to cool the coolant in the engine

Show you where the fan relays on a 1999 Mercury Sable are?

Not to assume anything...There are two primary fans on the typical vehicle: engine / radiator cooling fans and the heater blower fan.Both are covered in the "Related Questions" below.

No heat or ac in my 2001 Ford Focus?

You probably have malfunctioning blower fans. A blown fuse can cause your blower fans to malfunction. The heat and air conditioning cooling is not being forced into the passenger cabin.

Where can you find the fuse that controls the fans for a 2001 Mercury Sable?

Heater blower fans or engine cooling fans????? See "Related Questions" below for both.

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Where is the starter located from underneath the Olds Alero?

If it is a V6, it is located in front between engine and the cooling fans.

Your 99 alero overheats and the cooling fan don't turn on only when the ac is on what could be the problem?

there is a Senior that kick it the fans on it is located under the throttle body or it might be the primary fan is bad and only the second fan is working

What causes exhaust fumes to come in to Ford Ka when I have the air blower on on a hot day.?

It may be the way the wind is blowing or the way the air is funneling back in. You may need your fans checked if this continues to be a problem.

On my 1999 dodge stratus the overflow boils loudly and the cooling fans are not running what can I do about it?

Take it to a mechanic and get them to check it, seems like a problem that we can't fix with words...

Could the fan control module cause a 1999 Jetta to overheat and the fans stop turning?

yes , this is controling the fans and ac fans

Where is the fan fuse located on a 98 Montana minivan?

Heater Blower Fan, Cooling Fan, Or A/C Condenser fan? There is a fuse box in the front passenger door jamb. This is where you will find the blower fan fuse. You should find the Cooling and A/C fan fuses in the underhood fuse box. When I see problems with any of these fans it is not usually a fuse that is causing the problem. If a fuse is blown then there is another problem causing it to blow.

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Cooling fans wont turn on?

If the cooling fans will not turn on, check the pump to make sure the belt is turning the pump. Also check the blower resistor. This large fuse is usually located on the fuse box for the battery on most vehicles. On older vehicles it might be located on the blower motor itself.

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Neither coolant fans are not turning on in idle What could the problem be?

There are four relays that run the fans. Check them. In the mean time run your defogger and that should kick on the fans.

My 2006 Kia sedona has heat but fans not working front or back fuse or blower motor?

i suggest you get it looked over by a mechanic.

Difference between fan blower and compressor?

The pressure rise which is the main difference between fans, compressors and blowers can be stated as follows: ΔP(psig) Fans 2 Blowers 2-10 Compressors >10

Where is the temperature sensor that turns fans on in a 2000 Oldsmobile alero?

Look either at the rear side of radiator approx. 1/3 down from the top or at the thermostat housing

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2003 Chrysler Town and Country blower fan not working If you hook it up direct with the battery it works I checked the fuse and it looks good What could be the problem?

your question, it is behind the driver's side front bumper on the core support. If you are referring to the inside blower fan, check the resistor behind the glove box. If the radiator fans do not work, check the relay on the bumper support as described above.

What are the problems with thermal switch?

If you have a problem with the thermal switch, your fans will not come on at temperatures that will switch the fans to on in order to cool down the engine temperature. If you have a problem with the switch (faulty, burnt out), the only way to fix it is to replace it.

Where is the blower motor fuse located in a 1998 Pontiac grand prix?

under the hood with the other fuses like your primary and secondary cooling fans under the hood with the other fuses like your primary and secondary cooling fans

Where is the starter located on a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

On the front of the engine, near the rad fans.