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Depends on the type of surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy they use her eggs and the husband's sperm- which is a bit easier, they just put the sperm in there like artificial insemination. Gestational surrogacy they take the mother's eggs and father's sperm ina petrie dish together until it's a good ball of cells, then implant that directly into the surrogate's uterus. They are very expensive alternatives. I don't know what the medical part costs, but most surrogates are paid about $15K-$20K.

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Q: What is the procedure and the cost to impregnate a surrogate mother?
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How much does a Surrogate mother cost?

This Varies. Surrogacy or having a surrogate mother carry your baby is a simple medical but complex emotional and social procedure. The cost varies from country to country and depending on what is included in a "fully inclusive medical quote". I know of one such agency which provides all inclusive srrogacy in India at USD 17000 - 20000. They have an email info(at) One of my friend couple successfully had a baby with surrogacy through them in New Delhi. These costs include almost everything like compensation, reseidence ocst, food cost, traveling, food etc. of surrogate, fertility procedure cost, investigations, lawyers fees, facilitation charges etc.

What is the cost of surrogacy programs in Mexico?

It would cost USD 60-80,000 depending on many factors, including surrogate agency fees, attorney fees or surrogate mother's health insurance.

How much does it cost to have your egg planted into a surrogate mother?

It varies between countries and surrogates. From $50.000-$100.000.

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If you already have a surrogate mother how much will it cost to get your embryo implanted?

It really depends on the clinic. You will first need to pay for medical screening for the surrogate and her husband (or partner) to make sure they are capable of carrying a child and have no STD's. Then you will need to have them go through psychological screening to make sure they are mentally healthy. Next you will need to draw up a contract and then you can purchase the medications that she would need to take to prepare her for the transfer.For everything it could cost anywhere from 50-100,000 that includes the surrogates compensation.In addition to what was said above, essentially, you are looking at an IVF cycle using own eggs. Here is a link to to MedVacation page that talks about The cost of this IVF cycle will still vary. You also need to consider the costs of IVF drugs used to stimulate the egg donor. Those costs outside the U.S. may vary between $1,500 and $2,500.

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Is surrogacy legal in Mexico?

There are no surrogates available in Mexico. You can get a USA surrogate to go down to Mexico with you for IVF and then the Surrogate would live and deliver in the US and you would fall under US surrogacy laws.This can be done for about 1/3 of the normal US cost.ANSWERYes it is, the state of Tabasco, Mexico is the first state in the world which has adopted a new, more open Surrogacy law. The civil code of the State of Tabasco not only recognizes Surrogacy, but also offers steps towards a successful Surrogate Mother Program. Mexico Surrogacy is the only surrogacy agency based in Mexico. They follow the Surrogate Mother Program in Tabasco, Mexico which accepts international patients and makes no discrimination. No matter of the sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity, anyone can access their program and become a parent.

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docters care for a mother?!

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