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== == == == In order for the Canadian to marry the American in the US, the Canadian must be legally present in the United States. Not just visiting. If this is not the case, the American can file a Fiancee visa which lasts for 9 months at which time the wedding must have taken place.

From there the American will have to file a I-130 plus supporting documentation which is available on the USCIS website. There are many different situations and many different forms that can be filed so I would recommend checking out

Once all documentation is sent it, it takes approx 3 months for the paperwork to be processed and at that time you and your spouse will have to go to an interview. At the time of the interview they should stamp your passport and then you will just wait patiently for your card to come in the mail.

I was told Just a visa for her and a state ID for you and must be over 18 or 16 wqith parents consent

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Q: What is the process for a Canadian to marry an American and what paperwork is needed and what is the process and cost involved?
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