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acetaminophen (n-acetate of 4-aminophenol)

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Q: What is the product formed by the acetylation of p-aminophenol with acetic anhydride and NaOH?
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Why Acetic acid not used in acetylation?

Because it can not form the acetyl group easily but above 1000 Celsius acetic acid may form acetic anhydride which may be used to produce acetyl ion. Acetylation by acetic acid using is possible by using cobalt chloride as catalyst with good yield

How do you make paracetamol?

Add 4-aminophenol to acetic anhydride. The product is paracetamol.

Why is acetic anhydride used in the preparation of perchloric acid?

acetyl chloride and acetic anhydride are more preferred as acetylating agents because they show great reactivity and produced irreversible reactions in the preparation of other acid derivatives. They can serve as intermediates in the conversation of the less reactive carboxylic acids to more reactive classes of compounds.

Is acetic anhydride an acid or a base?

An anhydride is not an acid and not a base.

What would happen if the excess acetic anhydride is not removed in the reaction vessel?

If the excess acetic anhydride is not removed in the reaction vessel an unwanted reaction will occur. The acetic anhydride will react causing esterification.

Why add of little amount from acetic anhydride in synthesis of acetanilide?

Acetic anhydride and aniline are the reactants for the preparation of acetaanilide.

What is the reaction when zinc acetic anhydride and glacial acetic acid are combine?


Why acetic anhydride used instead of acetic acid to prepare aspirin?

The -OH in acetic acid is not a very good leaving group so converting it to an ester is more complicated unlike acetic anhydride which is easier to do so.

What is the product of the reaction between 4-aminophenol and excess acetic anhydride? follow this link to a pdf file this gives the whole information of synthesis of paracetamol from 4-aminophenol and acetic anhydride.

Acetic anydryd to acetic cloride?

To get acetyl chloride, you need to react ethanoyl ethanoate and acetic acid anhydride.

Reaction of methyl amine and acetic anhydride?

No it is not among these.

Is acetic anhydride powder or liquid?