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What is the pronunciation of methanethiol?


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methanethiol is methane gas with one hydrogen replaced by a thiol (sulfur compound) thiol is pronounced thigh-all or thigh-ole, depending on your accent.

Because they smell bad so you will know if you have a leak.

Between methanethiol and methanol (if both species remain PROTONATED), I think methanethiol is the better base (ie, it is easier to form CH3CH2SH2+ than to form CH3CH2OH2+) because the lone pairs on the O are closer to the nucleus (O is more electronegative than S), so the O lone pairs are less available to reach out and grab a proton (aka they are less basic).Between the DEPROTONATED forms, methoxide (CH3CH2O-) is definitely more basic than methanethiolate (CH3CH2S-). ?Methanol has a higher pKa than methanethiol by about 5 pH units).

Propane and butane. Some methanethiol (methyl mercaptan) is also added, giving a characteristic putrid smell to easily detect leaks.

Sulfur can make a maximum of two in H2S. In thiols it makes just one, its other bond is to carbon, e.g. methanethiol CH3SH

Pronounciation is an incorrect spelling so the answer is no. If you wish to be correct you need to spell it pronunciation .

The chemical that is added to propane to make it have that rotten smell is Methanethiol. It is released for some types of plants when they are rotting. Methanethiol gas is listed on the Material Safety Data Sheet to be flammable, so if there is a large amount of gas hanging in the air it has the potential to combust. sewer gas is often mistaken for propane check you water traps in plumbing that isn't used often

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"MURR-captain". Methyl mercaptan, CH3SH, aka methanethiol, is added to natural gas to let us smell it. It is one of the chemicals responsible for the smell of bad breath and flatulence (farts).

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