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"Keh-leh voht proh-feh-syoh" is a pronunciation of the French phrase "Quelle est votre profession?"

Specifically, the feminine demonstrative "quelle" means "what." The verb "est" means "(He/she/it) is." The feminine/masculine possessive adjective "votre" means "your." The feminine noun "profession" means "job, occupation, profession."

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Q: What is the pronunciation of the French 'Quelle est votre profession'?
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How do you respond to quelle est votre profession?

They are saying What is your profession and you would tell them what your job is

How do you say how big your house is in french?

"quelle est la taille de votre maison ?" or "de quelle taille est votre maison ?"

How do you ask in French what nationality are you?

'Quelle nationalité vous?' or 'Quelle est votre nationalité?'

How do you ask educational qualification in french?

In English"What is your educational qualification?"in French"Quelle est votre qualification d'enseignement?"

What is the answer of quell est voter nationality in french?

'quelle est votre nationalité' means 'what is your nationality' in French

What does quelle est votre chose prΓ©fΓ©rΓ©e means in English?

quelle est votre chose préférée ici ? means 'what is your favorite thing here?' in French.

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What time does your class start A quelle heure commence votre classe

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"What is your favorite drink?" in English is Quelle est votre boisson préférée? in French.

Are there any useful french phrases for opinon questions?

qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ? quelle est votre opinion ? êtes-vous d'accord ? quelle est votre idée sur la question ?

What is 'your favorite color' when translated from English to French?

Ta couleur préférée and votre couleur préférée are French equivalents of the English phrase "your favorite color." Context makes clear whether one formal (case 2) or informal "you" (example 1) suits. The respective pronunciations will be "ta koo-lur prey-fey-rey" and "vot koo-lur prey-fey-rey" in French.

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Quelle est la couleur des yeux de votre chien?

How do you answer this Dans quelle ville est né votre père?

"dans quelle ville est né votre père ?" (in what town was your father born?) is answered "mon père est né à ...." (My father is born in ...) in French.