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What is the proper Spark plug torque 1992 accord dx?


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The spark plug torque on a 1992 Honda Accord would be approximately 13 lbs. The gap for the spark plugs is 1.1mm.

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The proper torque is 26 Ft-lbs due to the aluminum head.

The correct spark plug gap for a 1992 Accord LX is 0.40. Before installing new plugs, make sure to check the gap to ensure proper firing.

In the head at the end of the spark plug wires.

The proper spark plug gap for a 1992 GMC Suburban 5.7 L is .035 thousandths of an inch. Many spark plug gaps are pre-set.

The spark plug gap on a 1992 Honda Accord (DX,LX,EX) is 1.0 - 1.1mm I verified this information today (01-09-2008) for my NGK ZFR6F-11 spark plugs at a Murray's Auto Parts store.

Might need new spark plugs and maybe spark plug wires too.

the distributor does not work, you can either try cleaning it or replace it.

4 in the inline 4 cylinder and 6 in the V6 engine.

try replacing your distributor, distributor cap, rotor, and maybe the spark plug wires.

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It is 140 ft. lb. trust me i work at a tire shop and torque this type of truck everyday

bad cap or rotor . ignition coil , or ignition mudgule or new or rebilt distributor

According to one of Fords websites : For the 1992 Mercury Cougar , 3.8 liter V6 engine : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .054 inch )

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