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What is the proper amount to tip for customer service?


Kevin Stringer

Generally speaking, most people in the United States will tell you that good service deserves a 15-20% tip. As a former server myself, I tend to give more than 20% to support my fellow industry friends as a sign of solidarity. Also, I'm proud to say that when I was last waiting tables, I averaged above 25% tips, but that's because I was lucky enough to have wonderful regular customers.

Truly great service can be rare, but in my opinion, there's no ceiling on what percentage of tip your server deserves. I've given out 100% tips on special occasions when the experience was extremely special and personalized.

It depends heavily on the country. In the USA, 15-20% is expected. In the UK, 10% would be a reward for good service. In Japan, a tip may be perceived as an insult.
Alejo Airplane
In my opinion the best is to donate between 5% to 20%, usually I consider the kind of place, location and other things the least, what I thinkis more important is the quality of service givven by the person
Madelyn Gray
The proper amount to tip for customer service is 15-25%. The people who are working at costumer service desirve a resinable tip.
here in Canada we like to give 100% tip eh
Rod Fathers
10 to 20 percent of the bill.
In my Opinion:- For starters, here's a simple rule for restaurant tipping: Leave 15% to 20% of the pretax total of your bill. Don't dip below 15 percent unless the service has been abysmal—and never skip a tip. Hope so my answer will Satisfy you.THANKYOU