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It depends on the number of lugs per wheel your car has. Some cars have up to 5 lugs. Measure the torque by tightening with a wrench.

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What is proper lug nut torque for 2010 Honda Pilot?

2010 Honda Pilot alloy wheels require 94 ft/lbs or 127 Nm of torque

What is the proper lug nut torque for a Honda Acura TSX?

80 - 90 lbs on aluminum alloy wheels and 100 lbs on steel. Check torque after driving 30 miles.

How many different types of Civic wheels are there?

There are two types of wheels for the Honda Civic. The two types are alloy wheels and steel wheels. Alloy wheels are considered more stylish, lightweight, and durable than steel wheels.

How are Alloy Wheels defined?

Alloy Wheels are automobile wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.

What are the different alloys found in a Civic?

The different alloys found in Honda Civic include aluminum alloy, which can be found on the wheels. This is the only place on a Honda Civic that uses alloy.

What other car wheels will fit an 08 honda accord tourer?

Car wheels that will fit an '08 Honda Accord Tourer include 17" Wolfrace Matrix Silver Alloy 5x114 wheels

What is the lug nut torque on a 2007 Toyota Tundra?

Alloy wheels - 97 ft lb Steel wheels - 154 ft lb

Which car uses 106 alloys type wheels?

There are lots of different cars that use 106 Alloy type wheels. For example, there are many Peugeot cars that use 106 Alloy Type wheels, but also lots of Fords. A specific car that uses the 106 alloy wheels is the Honda Civic.

Which is heavier aluminum wheels or alloy wheels?


Where can one purchase alloy wheels?

You can purchase Alloy Wheels online from the Big Wheels website. You can also get these wheels from the Alloy Wheels website or from retailers such as Amazon.

What is the lug nut torque on a 2003 Buick?

It is dependent on what model of Buick and whether it is equipped with steel or alloy wheels.

How do alloy wheels differ from other type of wheels?

Standard car and truck wheels are made of steel, "alloy" wheels are made of a lightweight aluminum alloy.

What is French for alloy wheels?

en alliage léger is french for alloy wheels

Are alloy wheels the most common on cars?

Alloy wheels are no longer the most common wheels that are found on cars. Alloy wheels actually have lost popularity and were last popular in the 1960s.

What is the lug nut torque for a 1995 Lincoln town car signature series alloy lace wheel?

I use a torque stick that attached to my air gun. It is set to 100 foot pounds. I use that for almost all cars with alloy wheels.

Where can one purchase Audi alloy wheels?

One can purchase Audi alloy wheels at Audi dealerships, or online on websites such as Alloy Wheels Direct, Monty's Wheels & Tyres, or eBay, for example.

What is torque spec on 2003 regal LS with alloy wheels?

100 psi if you are talking lug nuts. Pretty vague question.

What item is an alloy?

the wheels on my car are aluminum alloy

What is meant by an alloy?

Alloy Wheels It is a type of metal

What are the most expensive alloy wheels available?

The most expensive alloy wheels are available at TSW. They provide custom designed allow wheels which are made of a gold alloy. Some of the most popular are 30 inch wheels that were made for a Jaguar.

What is the main element used to make alloy wheels?

metallic element used as an alloy in wheels for classic cars

Where can one purchase alloy wheels for a Mercedes?

One can purchase alloy wheels for a Mercedes on the official Mercedes website, as well as from your dealer. You can also order alloy wheels online from websites like Amazon.

Are alloy wheels a better choice than aluminum wheels?

Alloy wheels are generally made of aluminum so they are actually the same thing. There are also alloy wheels made of magnesium that are used sometimes used for race cars. Aluminum wheels will give you a smoother ride than regular steel wheels.

Do alloy wheels add value to a car?

Apart from the many benefits of having alloy wheels fixed to your vehicle, they do add value to your car. Wheels reconditioning is not expensive and properly reconditioned alloy wheels will look anew. In addition to improving the appearance of your car, the alloy wheels by their sheer appearance and durability, shall fetch your car the extra money

What material automobile wheels are made of?

Most automobile wheels are made from either Steel or Alloy (Aluminum). There are chrome wheels and plastic hubcaps as well. But most care wheels are made from Alloy or Steel

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