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== == The maker of the patch kit has spent a long time making sure that their product will work well, so READ the instructions, FOLLOW the instructions carefully, step by step, and use the proper precautions such as wearing rubber gloves and opening all the windows to ensure good ventilation in the bathroom. Don't rush the job.

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Q: What is the proper procedure for patching a crack in the bathtub with a fiberglass kit from a hardware store?
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Will turpentine harm a fiberglass bathtub?

Turpentine will not harm a fiberglass bathtub. Small amounts of turpentine can be used to clean stubborn adhesives in the bathtub.

How do you remove myrth from fiberglass bathtub?

by using "BANG"

How can you remove glue from fiberglass bathtub?

You have to NAME the glue before we can answer that.

How do you drill a hole in a bathtub?

For fiberglass, a drill and metal holesaw.

Can bathtub cracks be caused by earthquakes?

If it's fiberglass it is possible

Where you can recycle an old bathtub?

An old bathtub can be recycled at a steel recycling plant if the bathtub is made of steel. If the bathtub is fiberglass or ceramic, the bathtub can be recycled by offering it for sale at a shop that specializes in re-useable home construction products.

How do you paint a fiberglass bathtub?

Degrease it properly, then spray it. You are unlikely to get a smooth coat by roller or brushing.

What are the different forms of bathtub refinishing?

there are many different forms of bathtub refinishing styles. some of the main types are fiberglass, porcelain, and marble. they all depend on the customers tastes.

Do you know where i can learn more about fiberglass cutting? has advice on how to cut out a fiber glass bathtub by yourself. Be sure to follow their safety tips like having gloves. Diamond blades, power saws, appropriate clothing and safety gear are essential when you want to cut fiberglass. Use a of a piece of scrap plywood as the base for cutting and use fiberglass power trimmers when cutting fiberglass panels. You can know much information and details about fiberglass cutting at the link:;

What is a walking bathtub I request some information.?

A walk-in bathtub is a bathtub that you can literally just walk into without falling or hurting yourself at all. They can be found at your local hardware stores and info too.

Where can one find a replacement bathtub faucet?

Replacement bathtub faucets can be purchased at home improvement stores. A few stores likely to carry bathtub faucets would be Home Depot, Lowe's, and Sears Hardware.

Does fiberglass go away if you leave it in your skin?

yes it will..... but it would take a long time. so i would recommend what ever part/ parts of your body that has fiberglass, is to soak it in the bathtub with soap and water, as if you were taking a bubble bath

How do you remove nail polish from a bathtub without damaging the tub?

If it is just a fiberglass bath tub, you can just use nail polish remover.

What is a wall mount bathtub faucet?

Most of them are in the wall. The other would be a deck mount, which is mounted to the fiberglass tub deck and uses a Roman Tub Faucet.

What bathtub material retains heat the best?

Metal baths (enamel on steel or cast iron) retain more heat than their acrylic or fiberglass versions

How can you tell if a bathtub is fiberglass?

Put hot water in it and with in ten min's fiberglass tubs are cold!Metal tubs keep the heat in a lot longer!Knocking on them, they have different sounds.Pray to God for more help.

Do you need a rod to catch lapras in fire red version?

A walk-in bathtub is a bathtub that you can literally just walk into without falling or hurting yourself at all. They can be found at your local hardware stores and info too.

What does a customer need to know before purchasing a new bathtub?

Size, color, Left or right handed, Material, America cast, Fiberglass, Steel , Cast Iron

How do you clean a dimpled fiberglass bathtub?

I have tried soaft scrub, regular scouring powder, soap scum removers, etc. and nothing really gets all the soap scum off our dimpled fiberglass tub. However, my husband said he used WD-40 and it worked great.

How do you unplug a bathtub?

Try the classis drano method and plunge it. If this doesn't work go to your local hardware and ask for a snake. They are a pain but they work, the hardware will probably rent them out if you don't have the money to buy one. Good luck!

Is there a spray on enamel for a bathtub?

Yes there are several varieties of spray on enamel. Most spray on products can be found at any hardware store or purchased online.

Understanding Your Options for a Damaged Fiberglass Tub or Shower Unit?

Damage to a fiberglass tub or shower such as cracks, chips and gouges can drastically reduce the visual appeal of the unit and increase the chances that you will have water damage in areas of your home. This is caused by water leaking through the cracks and chips. When the damage is in a fiberglass tub or shower unit located on an upper floor, this can intensify the amount of damage and repair costs that you may find yourself faced with. Examples include ceilings, walls, carpeting and electrical fixtures being ruined by the water that leaks through the fiberglass unit.Replacing a Damaged Fiberglass Tub or Shower UnitMany homeowners that have a damaged fiberglass bathtub or shower unit often replace the entire unit thinking that this is their only option. This route to repair the problem can get quite costly. Expenses can include the cost of a new unit, the need to tear out walls to get the unit out of the bathroom, reconstructing the walls around the unit, cutting wider openings into the bathroom to move in the new bathtub or shower unit and remodeling the remaining areas of the bathroom to insure that the fixtures all match. More economical options include hiring a fiberglass tub repair technicians or completing your own repairs to the unit where the damage is located. Professional Fiberglass Tub Repair TechnicianThere are professional fiberglass tub repair technicians that provide services for these bathtub and shower units. These technicians have specialized training in providing repair services for cracks, chips, gouges, flaws and other insightful areas within these units. By creating a clean area where the damage is located, the fiberglass tub repair technicians can create a patch using special materials that will mold into the damaged space. These technicians will then sand the area and apply paint to match the color and finish of the tub or shower unit. Experienced fiberglass tub repair technicians can even create detailed designs such as a roughened bottom to match the original patterns displayed on the bathtub or shower. Completing Your Own RepairThere are fiberglass tub repair kits that can be purchased to perform your own DIY repairs on fiberglass bathtub and shower units. These kits contain the same materials used by professional repair technicians with simple to follow instructions. Some things that people should consider prior to selecting to complete their own fiberglass tub repair include: * Do you have experience in completing these home repairs? * Do you have access to adequate ventilation in the area where the repairs will be completed? * Is there any water damage under the bathtub or shower unit that must first be repaired?

What is the timeline of the bathtub?

If is is a fiberglass or steel/cast unit, they install while doing the plumbing rough, before insulation and drywall. The cultured marble/garden master tub installs after trim, before flooring.

What is a bathtub?

As we all know, bathtub is a container used mainly for bathing.It plays an important role in our family.It is good for our health,such as blood pressure and muscles,it may brings plenty of happiness for our families.The materials used to make them include iron, wood, steel, acrylic, enamel and fiberglass.

Can you get herpes from a bathtub?

You will not get herpes from a bathtub.