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What is the proper spark plug gap for a craftsman 16 inch chainsaw with sears spark plug STD360946?


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Spark plug gap should be .025

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Use Craftsman 2 cycle oil mixed with gasoline for all size Craftsman chainsaws. (The above answer is WRONG. The question is for an ELECTRIC chainsaw.) Use SAE30 oil if you cannot get SEARS Craftsman chain saw oil.

Check with Sears. Craftsman is the Sears brand.

My 18" Sears/craftsman chainsaw manual says the spark plug hould be a champion CJ-8 with a gap of .025 inches My 18" Sears/craftsman chainsaw manual says the spark plug hould be a champion CJ-8 with a gap of .025 inches. Oh - and if it matters, the info here is from my 25 year old chain saw.

Sears. Craftsman is Sears' store brand of products.

If you go to sears partsdirect and put in your model number you can get an owners manual directly from them.

On the top cover of mine it states to mix 1/2 pint of oil to 1 gallon of gasoline.

You can get that from sears partsdirect but you would need the right model number. It would be a series of number arranged like 358.123456 for example.

I'm not positive, but I think it is Craftsman.

You can buy Tractor wheel weights from Sears of course, I am assuming they are Craftsman. All Craftsman brand are top of the line, Sears is the best place to buy any item with the Craftsman name.

It appears that they do. They have Craftsman ATVs (which a person described as looking like a Polaris with a Craftsman engine).

craftsman I think it is Poulan!

Different companies make different tools for Sears.

That would cross to a poulan 2800. Scott

Sears is one of the brands I know that builds Craftsman garage door openers

looking for part number for dlt gas tank

Try Ebay. There is a chainsaw manual store on ebay. I bought a few vintage ones from them.

YOU CANT, sears wont reprint or even PDF one for a outdated / discontinued model

Sears , however craftsman tools have been in a car parts store here in Colorado, but only for a few months. I believe Sears bought that auto store and then sold it. Don't remember the name.

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