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What is the proper spark plug setting for a 1974 harley Davidson sportster?


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If it's points or a Dyna S ignition you set the plugs at 28, other wise you set the plugs between 38 - 40

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The proper air gap is .032 to .036 depending on spark plug brand.

Gap the plugs .038" to .043" and torque the plugs to 22 ft/lbs.

.038 to .043 for the 96cu. I alays run at .040 and no problems yet!

This procedure is covered in detail in the proper manual for your model

The proper noun is capitalized, a male given name or a surname, Harley.The most common use is to identify a motorcycle brand name, Harley-Davidson.

Ngk recommend NGKBCPR7E with a gap of 1.0mm. Check www.aprilia-merseyside for further assistance.

What is the proper adjustment for a 2004 Heritage Softtail Clutch. It seems I am releasing the handle 2/3 of the way out before clutch engadges. What is the proper procedure for adjusting the clutch

.037"-.043" using any spark plug gap gauge. I have a 93 heritage softail classic and that is what is recommended.

while on level ground with the kickstand down.

(NOTE: this answer covers both engine and primary/transmission lubricants, since the question did not specify which was of interest.) The recommended engine oil for this bike is Harley-Davidson's proprietary "Genuine" brand engine oil. However, many aftermarket oils are available. If you use an aftermarket oil, make sure it is labeled "for use in Harley-Davidson motorcycles" to make sure additives, temperature tolerance, etc., comply with Harley requirements. Automotive motor oils are NOT recommended for Harley engines. In a pinch, if you need oil NOW and can't find a Harley shop (or a shop selling aftermarket "for Harley" oil), the manual recommends using the proper weight motor oil specified for use in DIESEL engines. Recommended viscosity is 20W50 for all normal conditions. Oil capacity for the rigid-mount Evolution Sportster engine (1986-2003, 883, 1100 and 1200cc) is 3 quarts. The recommended primary/transmission oil for this bike is H-D "Sport-Trans" fluid, which is a specialized lube formulated to work with the wet clutch. H-D discontinued this fluid, and it is now superseded by "Formula+" fluid, which is a "universal" fluid for transmission and primary drives in both Sportsters and Big Twins. Many aftermarket primary/transmission oils are also available; if you use one, be sure it's labeled for use in the Sportster transmission, as the lubricant for the Big Twin transmission may not work properly with the wet clutch. Transmission capacity is about 0.8 quarts, but varies from one bike to another.

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Yes it can, but it is not recomended. There is a spring in the carb or throttle body (depends on the year of your bike) that will return the bike to idle. BUT if there is a Kink in the throttle cable or any other control problem, this spring will not be strong enough to slow the engine down. If Harley Davidson did not think the return or idle cable was necessary, they would have saved the money and not installed it. I would only recomend this operation in a emergency situation, such as a breakdown on the road. Keep your bike and yourself safe and make a proper repair. Don's Motorcycle Repair Ride Safe

through training and setting proper goals

You don't. Just torque them to the proper setting.

.0038-.0043 .. I gap at .0040 on Mine... ____________________________ Actually......the correct answer is .038 - .043... ;-) xxoo, Dave63.

If your 1980 H D still has it's electronic ignition set the plug gap at .040 ... If some one has changed it to a point and condenser set up you need to set your plug gap at .028 and your points, if it has been converted , set at .018

My most common answer. This procedure is covered in detail in the proper manual for your model

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