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What is the proper way to water a flowering cactus?

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Treat cactus like any other plant. During the growing season water and feed as required. During the dormant season ease off the water and watch for signs of growth and start all over again.

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What happens to cactus flowers?

Cactus flowers tend not to be long blooming. Some cactus plants have night flowering blooms. Others have day flowering blossoms. Either way, the flowers need to be pollinated. Once pollinated, the flowers wither and develop the ovary. From the ovary develops the fruit, which produces cactus seeds. The seeds may be used by the cactus to feed the available wildlife and to reproduce.

What part of the cactus takes in moisture?

The roots take in moisture for the cactus.Specifically, water and dissolved nutrients are taken in underground by the cactus plant's roots. The water and dissolved nutrients are sent by capillary action up into the stem. In the stem, transformation into energizing foods takes place by way of the photosynthetic interaction with the sun.Water and energizing carbohydrates, starches, and sugars are stored in the stem. They are released when needed for such cactus activities as flowering, fruiting, and reproducing. About 90% of the inside of the cactus is involved in the moving and storing of precious water.

When can you cut back listeria?

Can I assume you mean Wisteria? If that is the case summer pruning is the proper way to control it and encourage flowering. Shorten back the shoots that grow from the main stems after flowering.

Symbiotic relationship between a nectar-eating bat and a flowering catus?

i would guess parasitism because the cactus is being harmed in a way an the bat is benefiting

How could cactus plants live many days without water?

Cactus plants actually absorb the water that they take in. In this way, they can go for extended periods of time without any fresh rainfall or water.

How can you measure the water in cactus plants?

It's difficult for the non scientifically employed gardener to measure a cactus plant's water levels. But there's a way of guesstimating. A cactus plant has ribbed sides that fill out with more water inside, and sink in with less. Filled out ribbing identifies a cactus plant as being 90%+ full of water. The sunken in look indicates 75% and less.

What is the proper way for mixing water and acid?

Always pour the acid into the water .

What is the proper and safe way to dilute acid with water?

add the acid to the water.

What way does pollination differ between non-flowering seed plants and flowering plants?

Flowering plants require pollinatio non-flowering plants do not.

What dog eat cactus?

No, dogs don't have a way to avode the spikes in the cactus

How is water storage related to the water cycle?

Collection is the last step of water cycle. Water is stored in a proper way.

What is the proper way to prepare an acid solution?

Add the acid to the water, not the other way around.

Is there a way you grow cactus without seeds in minecraft?

Cactus do not require seeds to grow. In fact, there is no such thing as a cactus seed. First, find a cactus and chop it down. Then, place a cactus pland on a piece of sand, and it will grow.

Why do many plants have thorns?

Thorns is a way plants protect themselves. They can also be a source of shade and water conservation for some cactus.

What is the proper way that you should clean an English horn?

spray water over it

How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?

the plants growing in deserts have adaptations to prevent water loss for example cactus: 1. has no leaves to prevent water loss through transpiration. 2. stem is modified in such a way that it performs photosynthesis. 3.root system is well developed and grows in deep in search of water.

How do you defeat the guardian in minecraft?

If you are talking about the water guardian found in water temples, there is no special way to kill it besides hitting it with a sword, bow, cactus, lava, or harming potions.

How does cactus survive without leaves?

The cactus plant has chloroplasts in its body that make energy in the same way a leaf does.

What is the proper way to clean a CD drive?

The proper way to clean the drive it that you clean it with a soft cloth.Never use water to clean.You can use liquids in the market to Clean CD for cleaning.

How long does a saguaro cactus take to grow?

As is the case with plants, a saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] has indeterminate growth. It grows from the cradle to the grave. But it's considered mature once it's about 40 years old. At that age, it may put forth its large, pale, unusual bloom that's called bat flowers. Once it starts flowering, it still has a long way to go in its expected life span. A saguaro cactus can live 150-200 years.

How does the cactus produce water?

One way in which a cactus plant produces water is by the exit of its inside water supplies through the openings of the stem's stomata, or breathing pores. That doesn't happen often. But when it does, it's called transpiration.Another way is by the specialization of its interior tissues. The tissues of the cactus plant's stem are fleshy and juicy. So they're sources of water. But that water may be stored in a bitter or even toxic form.Still another way is by the working of its growth buds. The budding flowers, fruits, and seeds are all succulent sources of water.Yet another way is by the release of its exudates. Exudates are a plant's waste products. They're let loose into the soil, to feed such soil food web members as bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa.

Is there only one way of classification?

no, there are many ways of classification such as plant, they are classified into some type such as flowering and non-flowering plant.

Why a cactus can survive in a hot and dry place?

Cactus can survive in hot, dry places because they have developed special abilities that allow them to conserve the water they do receive and make it last a long time. Most cactus have extensive, shallow root systems that allow them to soak up any rainfall that may come their way.

Why do have cactus plant have thick stem?

The stem is thick to make the plant better able to store water. Cacti live where it is very dry, so they need to conserve water any way they can.

How long do cactus roots grow?

very long way