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What is the purpose and or advantage of the rebounding hammer on a Marlin Model 39AS rifle?

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What is manufacture date for marlin pump shotgun with hammer exposed model no 24?

The Marlin model 24 shotgun was produced by Marlin from 1908-1915.

Does a model 94 have a spring loaded firing pin?

No. Later (and current) Model 94's have a rebounding hammer.

Where can you find a hammer for a jc Higgins model 33 pump 22?

Marlin Firearms

What is the purpose of ballpeen hammer?

A ball-peen hammer is applied to shape metal .

How can you determine the model for a Marlin 12 gauge pump shotgun?

If your pump 12 ga. has an exposed hammer, it's most likely a model 1898, as all later models of exposed hammer Marlin shotguns had the model marked on the upper tang behind the trigger. If it is not an exposed hammer, then the model designation is on the bottom, where the receiver meets the mag tube.

Where is the model number on a 1940s marlin 30-30?

I have a mod. 336 30/30 that confirmed serial through Marlin Firearms. The serial located on tang directly under hammer.

What is the difference between a marlin 336 and a marlin 36AS?

336 was Marlins model. 36 was Glenfields model not to be confused with the Marlin Model 36 which was a square bolt made 1945-1947. The A means a forearm endcap and the S is for a hammer block safety added in 1983.

What would increase mechanical advantage?

A mechanical advantage occurs when a tool such as a hammer is used that increases the amount of force being applied without increasing the effort of the person using the tool. To increase mechanical advantage, you could use a bigger hammer to increase output force.

How do you break your foot eailsy and on purpose?

Use a hammer but it will not be easy.

How does the hammer head shark use the shape of its head to his advantage?

A hammer head shark is a shark and it head is in the shape of a hamer that's why it's called the hammer head shark Also that how it got it's name

What is a Marlin model 19 S in good condition open hammer paten ed 1889 1904 worth today?

it depends on its caliber.

What model is a Marlin pump action 12ga shotgun with an exposed hammer?

Model 49, 3000 made form 1925 to 1928 only

How far does the hammer on a 22 cal marlin shot gun pull back to cock?

We may have a failure to communicate. Almost ALL .22s are rifles, not shotguns (there ARE a very few .22 shotguns, but are quite scarce) And Marlin made several dozen different model .22 rifles. Which model? Bolt action, lever action, semi auto, pump? My Marlin 39A rifle, which has an exposed, external hammer (most are internal) moves through an arc of about an inch.

Who invented the sledge hammer and when?

The sledge type hammer is thousands of years old. The original purpose of this type of hammer was probably to break rocks in mining operations. No one actually knows who invented it.

When was the ion hammer drill made and for what purpose?

What are some biotic factors in a tropical ocean?

clown fish hammer head shark blue marlin tuna jellyfish ect. Living organisms!

I was watching Olympics curling and the team knocked out the opposite teams stone but didn't score on purpose why?

This is called "blanking the end." In curling, whichever team scores gives the "hammer" (the advantage of having the last shot) to the other team for the next end. If no one scores ("blank end"), the team that has the hammer keeps it for the next end. If the team with the hammer has a choice of whether to score 1 point and give up the hammer, or blank the end and keep the hammer, they will usually purposely blank the end, carry the hammer to the next end, and to try to score more than one point in the next end.

When was the Marlin Model 49 shotgun made?

Marlin Model 49 Exposed Hammer Pump Shotgun, 3000 made 1925-1928 for stock purchasers only, 12 gauge 2 3/4" with 30" barrel, 4 round magazine

Where is the serial number located on a Marlin Model 39 A?

Usually on the bottom tang, underneath the lever. Some later 39a's have it on the top tang, behind the hammer.

What was the purpose of the Tinkerbell wand?

She doesn't have a wand she has a hammer which she uses to fix items and stuff

How old is a marlin 336 with the serial number 3870 it also has an e before it and a j were the hammer strikes to hit the firing pin?

the E prefix dates your marlin model 336 to 1948. the a j letters could be someones initials but have no meaning to the age of the rifle.

1908 marlin model 44 20 gauge pump action shotgun is worth fixing?

Hell yes its worth fixing i have a 20 ga . Marlin model 44 and i would not take 500.00 dollars for it.The Marlin model 44 in 20 gauge only was made from 1923-1935.It should be noted that in 1998 Marlin made a statement that all exposed hammer models along with the hammer less models(which you have) should not be fired due to there age and that system failures can and will occur.While a repair to your shotgun is possible,just be advised that these shotguns will probably only handle low brass shells due to age,and condition.

Is there a 9 shot Iver Johnson supershot?

Yes, Iver Johnson did make a .22 cal. Supershot with a 9 round capacity. It did not have the recessed cartridge head of the "Sealed" Supershot. Top-break action with automatic ejection, 6" barrel. Coil-spring hammer drive (rebounding hammer) American walnut one-piece grip.

How old is the western auto revelation model 150?

This may- I mean MAY be your rifle. It's a model Marlin Model 49 slide action Shotgun. Exposed hammer takedown combined features of the model 42 and 24. It was never in the Marlin Catalogue. It was made between 1925 - 1928.

What is the value of a Marlin Hammer Pump shotgun?

Depends on the model, and condition. Model number should be under the receiver, or on the top tang, unless it is a model 1898, which had no markings to indicate model.