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What is the purpose of recycling plants?

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The soil nutrients will not get depleted

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How does recycling pollute plants and animals?

Because plants are plants and plants are plants which means plants are plants and plants are plants

What does term recycling mean?

Using the disposed materials for the same purpose or for a different purpose is called recycling. This reduces the amount of garbage piling and is one of the methods of effective waste management. Instead of throwing, if it can be used by anyone for any purpose, that is recycling.

Can you make money recycling cardboard?

collect from factories or buildings and take to recycling plants

What are purpose of recycling?

The purpose of recycling is that people live, breath clean air, don't have trash in their back yard, and can use energy to have happy lives longer.

Where are most material recycling plants?


What is the the purpose of the recycling center?

The purpose of the recycling center is to help keep things such as bottles , paper , and more off the fall .Ihin tk it's important for a recycling center is for that all the garbage people throw on the fall .

What is the different between reuse and recycling?

reusing is using something for the same purpose as it was originally for. Recycling is making something useful for something other than its original purpose.

What is the purpose of the recycling codes on plastics?

The purpose of having a recycling code on plastics is so that they can be tracked. Different companies want their plastics back to make more bottles for example.

Where is the Recycling Plant?

There are recycling plants all over the world their is one in Geelong, Melbourne and many other places.

What is purpose of recycling?

Save resorce and reasonably use resource

Where does all the recycling go?

All of the products that have been recycled go into making new products. This is the purpose of recycling materials.

Are car recycling plants different from junkyards?

"There is a difference between car recycling plants and junkyards. Car reccyling plants take pride in reusing as many parts as possible, and try to use every possible piece of the car they can. Junkyards are just where cars go do die." "Yes, there is a fundamental difference between junk yards and car recycling plants. Car recycling plants actually focus on the environment and attempt to reuse each part in every car brought in."

What is the purpose of a computer recycling center?

The purpose of a computer recycling center is to ensure that any usable or recyclable parts can be salvaged from the computer before disposing of it properly so it does not end up in a landfill.

What is responsible for recycling dead plants and animals in an ecosystem?


What is the year that paper recycling started?

In the United Kingdom, books were being bought at auction for the purpose of recycling by the beginning of the 19th century.

What is the recycling bin?

A recycling bin is a bin used to put recyclable objects in. The items are then taken (usually weekly) to recycling plants where they are re-processed and used in future products!

What are the disadvantages for recycling paper?

There are many advantages to recycling paper, but there are also a couple of drawbacks. Namely, paper recycling plants produce a fairly noxious odor. It is harmless, but it smells horrendous.

What wastes are managed with treatment plants storage sites and recycling?

cell reprodution

What is the purpose of seeds in plants?

The primary purpose of seeds is procreation (plants grow from the seeds they produce).

What is the purpose of the love bug?

The purpose and benefic of a love bug is to assist with decomposing and recycling of organic matter. They will assist with these type of things in gardens.

Where can lysosome be found?

In an animal cell.They are also in plants. They contain digestive enzymes for recycling

How can humans change ecosystems?

by recycling,watering plants,and reusing the paper and plastic things you have

What adds nutrients to the soil by recycling decaying plants and animals into something new?


How is not recycling affecting the world?

it is using less energy from power plants which is helping with pollution

What is the purpose and benefits of recycling in a business environment?

clean the air and make humans live longer