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What is the purpose of sound waves?

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cymatics? former of matter...

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What is the purpose of the middle ear?

To convert sound waves into mechanical waves

What is the purpose of the outer ear?

To collect and focus sound waves.

Are ocean waves and sound waves different?

ocean waves have to do with water and sound waves have to do with sound

Does sound produce waves?

Yes sound does produce waves. These special waves are called sound waves.

What is the difference from lower sound waves and higher sound waves?

higher sound waves are shorter and lower sound waves have longer.

Does a soft sound have tall waves?

No, soft sound waves have short waves. Loud sound waves are the ones that have tall waves.

Are sound waves longitudinal waves?

Yes. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

What are examples of longitudinal waves?

sound waves, seismic wavessound waves

What do sound waves carry?

Sound waves carry sound

Why are sound waves are described as pressure waves?

Sound waves are described as pressure waves because waves produces pressure by which sound is produces

What does sound travel on?

Waves; sound waves.

Sound waves are example of what?

sound waves are a example of mechanical waves

How do sound waves differ from water waves?

they differ because waves are sound waves and water waves are waves in the water.

What is the medium of sound?

Sound waves require a medium to propagate, generally its air. Sound waves cannot travel in vacuum. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

Is collecting sound the same as captureing sound waves?

Sound waves are what make up sound (sound waves=sound) so I would suppose so.

What do sound waves move at?

Sound waves mkove at speed of sound

How do sound waves produce vibrations?

sound waves dont produce vibrations, vibrations are sound waves.

Are sound waves matter?

`No sound waves are not matter .They can travel through matter but no sound waves are not matter

Why sound waves are longitudinal waves?

If the particles of the medium vibrate in the direction of propagation of wave, as in sound waves that's why sound waves are called longitudinal waves.

Are sound waves mechanical or electromagnetic waves?

Sound waves are mechanical vibrations that physically move the material through which they travel.Sound waves are not electromagnetic waves.

What is the objective of travel faster radio waves or sound waves?

sound waves

Are sound waves longitudinal in solids?

Sound waves are always longitudinal waves.

Define the term sound waves?

Waves of sound.

Is a sound waves visible?

No. Sound waves are not visible.

What kind of waves does sound travel?

sound waves