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The percentages of those on welfare by race are listed

below in descending order by percentage.






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Q: What is the race percentage for welfare recipients?
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What is the race percentage for welfare recipients in California?

20% african american 50% white 30% Latino

What percentage of welfare recipients in the United states are white?


What is the percentage of welfare recipients in Puerto Rico?

27.3 percent of the island is on welfare. That is nto bad for such a small country.

What percentage welfare paid is considered fraud?

Less than 2% of welfare recipients commit fraud. A study in Massachusetts showed that vendors committed 93% of welfare fraud, thus only 7% of welfare fraud is committed by recipients.

What race has highest percentage on welfare?


How are welfare recipients viewed in this society?


Is there a list of welfare recipients?


What is the political party of welfare recipients?

Democrats form the largest group of welfare recipients. The percentages are Republicans 40%, Democrats 60%.

Should welfare recipients be tested for drugs?


What has the author Jill Marie Gunderson written?

Jill Marie Gunderson has written: 'Job separation behavior of welfare recipients' -- subject(s): Employment, Welfare recipients

How many people in Tennessee are on welfare?

144,745 people were registered as welfare recipients in Tennessee as of 2008.

How many blacks are on welfare in the US?

A lot less then there are whites.

What has the author Donald Hirasuna written?

Donald Hirasuna has written: 'Characteristics of AFDC/MFIP recipients' -- subject(s): Aid to families with dependent children, Evaluation, Minnesota Family Investment Program, Public welfare, Statistics, Welfare recipients 'The incomes of parents leaving AFDC and MFIP' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Ex-welfare recipients, Public welfare, Welfare recipients 'Enterprise zones' -- subject(s): Enterprise zones 'Identifying who might be subject to the 60-month time limit' -- subject(s): Public welfare

What percentage of whites receive welfare?

The most current information I can find (2007) breaks the percentages of welfare recipients down this way: White 38.8% Black 39.8% Hispanic 15.7% Asian 2.4% other 3.3%

What has the author David Zucchino written?

David Zucchino has written: 'Myth of the welfare queen' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Economic conditions, Welfare recipients, Women 'Myth of the welfare queen' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Economic conditions, Welfare recipients, Women 'Thunder Run'

What is the percentage of race for entitlement program recipients?

Whites make up 65% of the population and receive 69% of all entitlement program dollars.

Can welfare recipients use their food stamps to purchase alcohol?

No, they cannot.

What has the author Gregory C Weeks written?

Gregory C. Weeks has written: 'Women, work, and public assistance' -- subject(s): Employment, Welfare recipients, Poor women, Public welfare 'Leaving public assistance in Washington State' -- subject(s): Employment, Welfare recipients, Poor women, Public welfare

What has the author Gert Knutsson written?

Gert Knutsson has written: 'Fattiga i Sverige' -- subject(s): Poor, Public welfare, Welfare recipients

Can two welfare recipients reside in the same house?

Yes, they can. But typically the benefits are adjusted.

What has the author Daniel Friedlander written?

Daniel Friedlander has written: 'Subgroup impacts and performance indicators for selected welfare employment programs' -- subject(s): Employment, Performance standards, Welfare recipients 'GAIN' -- subject(s): Employment, Government policy, Public welfare, Welfare recipients 'Are high-cost services more effective than low-cost services?' -- subject(s): Public welfare, Evaluation 'Supplemental report on the Baltimore options program' -- subject(s): Occupational training, Manpower policy, Employment, Welfare recipients, Public service employment

Do welfare recipients have to pay income taxes on payment received?

Generally not. They would have to have enough income to have to pay taxes...which would disqualify them from receiving welfare!

Do welfare recipients have to pay welfare back?

Yes you must pay back the money granted to you unless you are disabled in which case SSI handles back payments.

What was the health insurance for welfare recipients?

People who collect welfare may be, based upon their income, also eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is a joint federal/state healthcare program for the poor and is a type of welfare.

What percentage of Californians are on welfare?

100% all races ask for welfare