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What is the rare year for the Morgan silver dollar?


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A rare Morgan Silver Dollar is 1876.

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that year they had two different types of silver dollars the Morgan Dollar and the Peace dollar

There were no Morgan silver dollars minted in 1804. The first year of mintage for them was 1878.

Not a Morgan dollar, last year was 1921. You have a 1923 Peace dollar that is very common and has values of $25.00-$27.00 in circulated condition.

Check that denomination or date again. There were no silver dollars minted that year.

The last year for Morgan dollars was 1921.If you have a Peace dollar from 1924, see the Related Question for more information.

Because the coin is not a silver eagle, with a date 1902 the coin is a MORGAN dollar. The first Silver Eagle was made in 1986.

Nothing, because there's no such thing. No Morgan dollars were minted anywhere that year.

NO, not a Morgan dollar. You have a 1923 Peace dollar. Morgan dollars were struck from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921 for the last time. 1921 was also the first year for Peace dollars,, they were struck from 1921 to 1928 and in 1934 & 1935.

Sorry no 1 ounce silver coins were struck in 1902 only Morgan dollar coins were struck in that year.

Regardless of the year the mintmark is in the same place on all Morgan silver dollars, it's on the reverse just above the letters DO in dollar. If it does not have a mintmark it was coined in Philadelphia no Morgan dollar has a "P" mintmark.

Try again; there weren't any Morgan dollars minted that year.

It depends on the year and the condition. If the coin is a Morgan or Peace Dollar, it is worth about $22 in silver content alone. However if it is an Eisenhower Dollar, it is not made out of silver and only worth $1 unless sold in a special mint set.

1921 was the last year for Morgans, so 1922 is a Peace dollar. It's worth about $27.

There are several different silver dollars depicting Liberty including the: Morgan dollar, Peace dollar, bust dollar, and Seated Liberty dollar, not including the numerous commemorative issues. Provide a year and the designer is easy to find, but without a year it is impossible to tell you who designed your specific coin.

It depends greatly on the year and the mintmark. Without knowing that it is impossible to give a value.

1893 was the last year Morgan dollars were issued from the Carson-City Mint.

They're all worth something due to their silver content, but anything beyond that varies by year and condition.

If its a dollar coin then it is worth 5 times face value...just for its actual silver content there is no rare mint mistake or marking from that year.

A circulated example has a retail value of $26.00 to $31.00. This year of "S" mintmark Morgan dollar is very common. A typical Mint State coin is in the $35.00 to $50.00 range.

AU means almost uncirculated which is a grade for the coin, depending on the grade on the coin and the year of it, the value of the coin can be from $25 for the most common and lowest grade dollars all the way to $575,000 for the second highest grade, most rare silver dollar(1893S)(no proof 70 silver dollar has ever been found)

In the United States, just the Peace Dollar. The Morgan silver dollar's last mint year was 1921 which was the Peace Dollar's first year.

Each is a different series of US silver one dollar coins, Morgan dollars were made from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921 for the last time. The first year Peace dollars were made was 1921 and made to 1928 and then in 1934 & 1935 for the last time. Each series have the same amount of silver (.77344oz) in them, but the main difference is the design of the coins.

No such thing. 1921 was the last year for Morgans. A 1922 Peace dollar however is a very common variety and is generally only worth its silver content, which at present is around $26.

1935 was the last year for the one dollar silver coin.

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