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What is the rarest year for half dollars?

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There were only 3,918 Half Dollars minted in the year 1796 making them, probably, the rarest and most valuable. Average circulated is worth $8,000.00, extra fine is worth $46,000.00. There are no known uncirculated ones.

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What are the rarest silver half dollars?

The rarest half dollar is ................

Last year for silver half dollars?

1964, was the last year for silver half dollars.

What is the rarest mint mark for a half dollar?

The rarest mintmark for half dollars would be Carson City (CC mintmark) only a bit more than 5 million half dollars were minted at Carson City. While many times that were struck in San Fransisco, Philadelphia, Denver and New Orleans.

What are the rarest silver half dollars xy?

Depends on the mint, but if it is P(no mint mark) then a circulated piece will be about $10. The rarest is probably Flowing Hair Halfs only made in 1794 and 1795

What is the rarest dum dum lollipop?

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What are the rarest years for the Walking Liberty half dollars?

Overall, the rarest year would have to be 1921. Mintages for the different years can be found here : Retail values in circulated condition can be found here :

Are there any 1971 Kennedy silver half dollars?

No. 1970 was the last year for silver half dollars.

Can a million dollars double in a year on interest?

You can,t a million dollars interest from a million dollars but you can get half a million dollars

What is the rarest toucan?

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When did Kennedy half dollars stop being made?

....They haven't stopped being made. New Kennedy half dollars are minted every year. 2001 is the latest year intended for circulation, but you can buy 2011 Kennedy half dollars in mint sets and in bags on the mint's website.

What is the rarest dragon in DragonVale?

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What is value of a 1963 Kennedy half dollar?

No 1963 Kennedy half dollars exist. 1963 is the last year of the Franklin half dollar. 1964 is the first year for Kennedy.

What was the last year that real silver was used in US coins?

1964 for dimes, quarters, and 90% silver half dollars, and 1970 for 40% silver half dollars.

1967 half dollar worth?

Half dollars from that year contain 40% silver and are worth around $5.

1922 liberty half dollar minted that year?

The US Mint did not produce any half dollars in 1922.

How much is 10 half dollars?

10 half dollars is 5 dollars.

Which is the rarest Precious moments figurine?

The rarest would be the 1978 God Loveth a Cheerful Giver, its estimated value is around 536 US dollars.

What is the average lease price in a mall?

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When did they start minting Kennedy half dollars?

1964, the year after Kennedy died.

When did the US quit making silver half dollars?

1964 was the last year for circulating 90% silver half dollars, from 1965 to 1969 the coins were struck in 40% silver and again in 1970 but that year was not released for circulation

What year is the rarest Franklin coin made in?

I assume you mean Franklin half dollars issued by the U.S. Mint. If so, see the attached link. If you're referring to coin-like pieces struck by the Franklin Mint, could you please post a new question with that detail?

How many half dollars are in 75.00?

150 x half dollars = 75.00 dollars.

What nickel year is the rarest?

I believe it is 1997

What year did they stop making silver coins?

The last year for silver dimes and quarters, as well as 90% half dollars was 1964. Halves 1965-70 were then 40% silver. All dimes and quarters 1965-present and half dollars 1971-present are copper and nickel.

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