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What is the rates for mileage for travel when gas is reimbursed?


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The rate for mileage and for gas are completely different and is dependent upon the company in which you work.

Gas is considered an expense and as such receipts for gas should be submitted to your company and you should be reimbursed for the actual amount of gas purchased if they don't pay mileage.

Mileage includes everything from gas to wear and tear on your vehicle and the insurance you pay on your car. The current dollar rate per mile in the U.S. is 48 cents. That's also the amount you can claim on your taxes if you're not paid for gas or mileage by the company.

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Usually, when a company pays an employee for mileage when they have used their vehicle for company business, the mileage is intended to cover gas and wear and tear/maintenance. For example, if you drove your car 20 miles for business and the company reimbursed you $.40 per mile, you would receive $8. If your car gets 20 mpg, your gas costs would be $2.75 (or whatever you pay for a gallon of gas). Mileage usually does not cover tolls and parking.

Car mileage is the distance a car can travel on a tank of gas. This mileage is also the number of miles on a car at any given time and is registered by an odometer.

The answer depends on the mileage of the vehicle.

The combination of highway gas mileage and city (stop and start) mileage.

58.5¢ for business travel in WI for 2008. Have a good day!

Your car's gas mileage is the distance a car will travel in regular driving conditions (city/hwy.) with a certain amount of fuel. Usually, in America, gas mileage is measured in Miles Per Gallon, or Mpg. This is the number of miles traveled by the car using 1 gallon of fuel.

The Gas Mileage Bible is an entire book of different methods for improving gas mileage.

A gas mileage calculator is a tool to determine how much distance you can travel in your car within each gallon of gas it takes up. Also included is electric hybrid cars.

This depends upon the employer. Typical rates are between 50 and 75 cents per mile.

No; friction decreases gas mileage.

The Subaru Forester gets pretty good gas mileage. On average it gets about 25 miles per gallon. This might be a great investment for those looking to save on gas who only travel to and from work.

mine (2003) gets about 21-25 depending on travel

Depends on the fuel mileage of the vehicle in question.

The gas mileage the hybrid Honda Accord will get on the highway is 45 mpg. The gas mileage in the city is 49 mpg and the combined gas mileage is 47 mpg.

Salaries for business jobs that require travel can vary depending on what kind of business the individual is in. Take into account the gas money that must be spent traveling unless it is reimbursed by the company.

It all depends, if you have high gas mileage, say 200 kilometers a liter, then 15 liters. If low gas mileage like 75 kilometers a liter (definitley a hummer) then 40 liters.

What is the gas mileage for 20foot until truck

NO. Back then they didn't worry about gas mileage. GAS WAS CHEAP

Depends entirely on the fuel mileage of the vehicle you're driving.

Many companies charge for gas and mileage. It is a good idea to keep written records of the gas and mileage used during business hours.

Posi?ætraction does not improve gas mileage nor does it decrease gas mileage. The traction does not come into play in less the pavement is wet.

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