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What are facts about cell reproduction?

Cells can reproduce (I think) about 10,000 cells a second.

How does a cancer cell reproduce?

Cancer cells reproduce the same way as normal cells do, by mitosis. What separates cancer cells from normal cells, is that their reproduction is uncontrolled and proceeds when it should not. They therefore constantly go through the cell cycle and reproduce.

How cell reproduce?

Cells reproduce in a number of ways. These ways include asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. These ways are called mitosis, meiosis, and binary fission.

How does cells reproduce?

By mitosis and meiosis. One is sexual reproduction (Meiosis)and the other is eukaryotic cell reproduction of the nucleus and chromosomes (mitosis).

If you dont get a new person each time your cells reproduce what does cell reproduction do for the body?

Cell reproduction is the way complex organisms like human beigns grow.

What is an example of cell reproduction?

Cells can reproduce through two types of processes. These processes are meiosis and mitosis. An example of cell reproduction can be seen when you get a scrap or a cut that scabs over. The new skin that forms in a cell reproduction.

What is a differents of sexual and asexual reproduction?

many plants can reproduce without sperm cell and and egg cells

What will happen if a cell does not divide?

the species will not survive, the species will not reproduce. This is why cells divide, this is called asexual reproduction.

If you don't get a new person each time your cells reproduce what does cell reproduction do for the body?

a gentic code found in the organism's cells

Can mitosis daughter cells reproduce by themselves?

Yes; most cell reproduction is mitosis; where the number of chromosomes is the same in the daughter cells and the parent cells.

What are the purposes of cell reproduction in multi-cellular organisms?

cell reproduce in multi cellular organisms so they can grow, repair and make other cells. they reproduce by meiosis

How can one cell become a multicellular organism?

By cellular reproduction. Cells reproduce asexually so if there is only one cell and it reproduces then there will be two cells and thus multicellular.

Do flowers reproduce through mitosis?

Flowering plants can reproduce through mitotic cell division, or asexual reproduction. However, the flowers are the sexual reproductive organs, producing egg cells and sperm cells. Egg cells are found in the ovary of a flower, and the sperm cells are found in the pollen. Therefore, flowering plants also undergo sexual reproduction when a sperm cell reaches an egg cell.

What cell function appears to go awry in the case of cancer cells?

Cell reproduction goes awry in the case of cancer cells. Due to an error in DNA replication, the normal mechanism that controls cell reproduction does not function, and the cancer cells continuously reproduce without any control.

How do prokaryotic cells reproduce?

Through Binary Fusion. (With asexual reproduction) The 2 daughter cells are genetically identical to each other and to the parent cell.

Why is it advantages for a cell to grow only to a certain size and then divide into two smaller cells?

Cellular division is the cellular equivalent of reproduction. It is how cells reproduce.

Can a plant cell have twins?

No they can't, because the plants cells have asexual reproduction which means the cells split in half. They can reproduce quickly but they can't have twins.

How many cells do bacteria have?

the bacteria cell has only one cell and they are called unicellular.they reproduce with asexual reproduction. the bacteria are called different archaebacteria.

How do plant cells reproduce?

There are two types of reproduction in plants: asexual and sexual. Asexual is when the cell splits in two and you have two identical cells. Sexual is where two cells combine and create one living cell.

How is viral production different than cellular reproduction?

Main difference is that viruses can only reproduce by hijacking living cells. No cells, no viral reproduction. It rewires the cell to produce more copies of itself, then makes the cell self-destruct sending out the copies. Cellular reproduction is in a category of its own.

What is cell reproduction?

The process of a cell splitting and becoming two similar cells.Prokaryotes reproduce in a process called binary fission.Eukaryotic cells reproduce using either mitosis or meiosis. Mitosis creates two daughter cells with an equal number of chromosomes. Meiosis creates four daughter cells, each with half the number chromosomes as the parent, and is used in sexual reproduction.

What is meant by cell reproduction?

Cell reproduction refers to the division of the cells which occurs and can be described as reproduction. The cell divides in to two cells through Meiosis and Mitosis which are two different ways of cell reproduction also known as cell division.

In bacteria what does binary fission do?

Bacteria reproduce by binary fission.One cell divides into two.asexual reproduction.all daughter cells are clones of the parent cell.

What is the only life function that viruses share with a cell?

The only life function that a virus shares with a cell is reproduction. Both cells and viruses reproduce in some way.

Which type of cell reproduce by cell division?

All growing cells reproduce by cell division.

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