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Some came for the adventure. Some came for the opportunities Immigration offered. Many came to escape religious persecution.


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The mother country of the thirteen original colonies was Great Britain.

The colonies were governed either directly or indirectly by the mother country, protected by the mother country, and the monarchs were leaders of the colonies.

British monarch who thought the colonies existed for the benefit of the mother country

The size of the mother country, in most cases, is much smaller than its colonies.

Colonies could buy goods from other countries besides the mother country. Colonies would ship raw materials to the mother country.

The "mother country" is whatever country the speaker's ancestors came from. In British Commonwealth countries, or former British colonies, the mother country is England.

They believe in the use of colonies for the benefit of the mother country, otherwise they tip the trade so it benefits the mother country.

They believe in the use of colonies for the benefit of the mother country, otherwise they tip the trade so it benefits the mother country.

Spain is sometimes referred to as the Mother Country by the members of former Spanish colonies, not the Mother Hood country. She is called that because of the many facets of Spanish civilization, religion, language, and culture among others that she brought to her colonies.

Government should regulate the trade to increase revenue and power. Colonies should serve the mother country. Mother country served by selling manufactured goods to the colonies.

A "Mother Country" is the country a person was born in when he or she has emigrated to some other country. A "Mother Country" can also be the country that owns a colony and is thus the mother country of that colony. So, England is the mother country for people born in England who live in Australia, Russia, the US, or elsewhere, and similarly for France. In terms of colonies, England was the mother country of the colonies of the British Empire, and is sometimes called "mother country" by some in the Commonwealth of Nations. Similarly France was the mother country of the colonies in the French Empire, and may still be called that by some people in those, now independent, countries But for someone who was born, for example in Germany, or for someone in a former colony of the Netherlands, neither England nor France are "mother countries."

The mother country benefited from colonies because they provided raw materials solely for the mother country and because the people in the colony provided a market solely for the mother country's goods.

they make their own money through the economic system, mercantilism, is the mother country which impose taxes on the colonists and the colonies produce goods and products, they are responsible for the mother country. They also give them food, resources and other materials to the mother country.

Having colonies benefited European countries, not colonies, by having a favorable amount of trade. The colonies helped support the Mother country.

His father was born in Italy and his mother in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of parents who had immigrated from Italy.

The Mother Country for the USA was Great Britain. Britain had an economy based on mercantilism, in which its colonies supplied Britain with wealth.

Their activities were to benefit only the mother country.

Their activities were to benefit only the mother country.

Mercantilism is the belief that colonies exist for the benefit of the mother country.

No, her parents were not Catholics. They were Episcopalians.

Through the English economic system of mercantilism - colonies providing the mother country with wealth.

The thirteen colonies were fed up with British rule and decided to revolt against their mother country.

The colonies were there so that the 'mother country' could enforce mercantilist policies and hopefully bolster their economy.

Colonies creating wealth for the mother country.

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