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What is the relationship between the Jews and Nazis today?


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They don't like each other and there is little contact between them. Sometimes Neo-Nazis insult and mock the Jews, in particular by denying the Holocaust.


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There was no war between the Nazis and the Jews. The Nazis committed mass murder against unarmed Jewish civilians in the Holocaust. Please see the related question.

Neo-Nazis are anti-semitic. It is one of their core beliefs.

This question is odd. It is formulated in a way that suggests there was an actual war between 'the Jews' and the Nazis. There was the Holocaust, in which the Nazis murdered about 6 million harmless and defenceless Jews. That began in late 1941/early 1942. The idea that there was an actual war between Jews and Nazis is false.

There was no conflict, no war between the Jews and the Germans. If anything, many Jews were inclined to be pro-German. There was a completely unprovoked onslaught by the Nazis against the Jews, mainly because the Nazis regarded Jews as Communists - and Nazism saw the eradication of Communism at its key 'mission'.

The Nazis believed that Jews were an inferior race and they didn't want their own race to be 'contaminated'.

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

The Jews were not a 'threat' to either the Nazis or to Germany.

Nazis transported the Jews by train mostly.

The Nazis' treatment of the Jews included 'bullying' in the sense of persecution or active and persistent harassment, but overall, what the Nazis did to the Jews in areas under their control was vastly worse than bullying.

Nazis and Jews are not alike in any way. Those people who say or believe that Nazis and Jews are alike are not only wrong, they are intolerant and bigoted. Nazis, the followers of Adolph Hitler, discriminated against Jews, and murdered or tortured many Jews in the Holocaust. Ask any Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you how the Nazis harmed the Jews. They will also tell you that Jews are not Nazis, and are not like the Nazis in any way.

The Nazis murdered two-thirds of Europe's Jews. So, to finish the sentence: The Nazis stopped the Jews from LIVING.

The Nazis put the Jews to death in the gas chambers.

6 million Jews. Not sure about how many Romanies.Answer:Current research places the number of Roma killed by the Nazis at between 100,000 and 200,000.

Because the Nazis blamed the world's problems on the Jews and so their goal was to kill all of the Jews.

Between 1933 and 1941 the U.S. accepted about 250,000 refugees from Germany and Austria and a small number fleeing the Nazis from other countries. The majority of these were Jews (as defined by the Nazis), but some of the refugees were political opponents of the Nazis and were not Jews.

The Nazis made them legal stateless people. this way Nazis can kill Jews at their own will.

Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews; there was no jealousy involved.

Nazis hate Jews and they hate what there religious beliefs

The Nazis and Hitler committed genocide on the European Jews.

The main sources for the Nazis were: the Jews themselves, parish records and informants.

The Nazis did what they did to the Jews

Utter rot ! Many of these people were forced by SS soldiers into wagons and carts and if they didn't get on they were shot on site ! ' A trail of cookie crumbs' ..your stupidity insults the 6 million murdered in death camps !

indirectly, Jews died on trains because of the conditions that the Nazis sujected them to.

The Nazis started to move Jews into ghettos in Poland in November 1939.

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