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Q: What is the remedy for a vaginal rash or chafe caused by swimming?
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How do you use chafe in a sentence?

He had a chafe on his knee

What is the plural of chafe?

The plural of chafe is chafes.

How do you spell chafe?

The verb form is "to chafe", as to irritate by rubbing.

When was Paul Chafe born?

Paul Chafe was born in 1965.

When was Wallace Chafe born?

Wallace Chafe was born in 1927.

When did Thomas Chafe die?

Thomas Chafe died in 1662.

When was Thomas Chafe born?

Thomas Chafe was born in 1611.

When was Chris Chafe born?

Chris Chafe was born in 1952.

How can the word chafe be used in a sentence?

These new boots chafe my ankles.

Does intercourse cause scarring of the vaginal tissue?

No, the penis is smooth. If the woman is not aroused enough and fry it can chafe and that can make you bleed a bit but the vagina heals real easily.

What is a sentence using chafe?

The rope chafe my legs.The stiff collar chafes my neck.

Will a Coolibear swim romper chafe my child's skin?

Not unless your child has sensative skin, Coolibear swim rompers are made to suit swimming in every situation.

What actors and actresses appeared in Chafe - 2013?

The cast of Chafe - 2013 includes: Brett Leigh as David Marjorie LeWit as Melissa

What has the author Levi G Chafe written?

Levi G. Chafe has written: 'Chafe's Sealing book' -- subject- s -: Sealing, Seals - Animals -

What has the author Robert Chafe written?

Robert Chafe has written: 'Oil and water' -- subject(s): Drama, Truxtun (Ship) 'Butler's Marsh' 'Emptygirl'

What are synonyms for fray?

wear thin, wear, rub, chafe

How do you spell earatate?

The word is spelled irritate (to annoy, upset, or chafe).

Who is commissioner of police delta state?

Alhaji Mamman Ibrahim Chafe

What is a 5 letter word for annoy persistently?

peeve; nudge; chafe

5 - letter words ending with FE?


What is the synonym for the word fester?

Blister, canker, chafe, decay, etc.=Verb

Is chap a verb?

It can be a form of the verb (to chap, to chafe). But it can also be a noun (a fellow).

How do you use word chafe in sentence?

The freezing wind chafed our faces as we struggled through the storm.

Is cheering an adjective?

It can be (cheering crowds). Cheering is the present participle of the verb (to chafe) and can be an adjective or a noun (gerund).

What are the release dates for America's Most Wanted - 1988 Omar Maldonado Hybrid Daniel Chafe Stryder Styarfyr Reenactment?

America's Most Wanted - 1988 Omar Maldonado Hybrid Daniel Chafe Stryder Styarfyr Reenactment was released on: USA: 15 May 2005