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Rotation: 23 hours and 56 minutes.

Revolution: A year. About 365 1/4 days.

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Q: What is the revolution and rotation time of earth?
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What units of time are based on a single rotation or revolution of the earth?

Rotation . . . . . the "Day" Revolution . . . . the "Year"

What is the period of revolution and rotation in earth time?

the moon

What is Saturn27s revolution or rotation time?

Rotation- 10 hours and 39 minutes Revolution- 29.5 Earth years

How does the earth's rotation and revolution affect time zones?


What is the difference between rotation and revolution of the earth?

a rotation is when it spins around once and a revolution is when it travels around the sun one time.

Does the moon have the same rotation and revolution as the earth?

What about the moon's rotation and revolution ? Are you asking about the duration of time for each one ? In that case, the answer is "yes".

Is the time of year due to earths rotation or revolution?

The time of year is due to earth's revolution around the sun.

What are rotation and revolution?

If earth surrounds itself it is known as rotation if earth surrounds the sun then it is known as revolution

How do rotation and revolution effect the earth?

Earth's rotation causes day and night. Earth's revolution causes the yearly seasons.

What are the rotation and revolution periods for Uranus?

The time of rotation (day) for Uranus is about 17 hours and 14 minutes. The time for one revolution around the Sun (Uranus year) is 30,799 Earth days or about 84.3 Earth years.Uranus's revolution is 87 earth years

What is earth's rotation and revolution?

Earth's rotation - 23 hours 56 minutes Earth's revolution around the sun - 365.25 Earth days

What is the difference between the rotation of earth and the revolution of earth?

The rotation of the Earth is when It spins around its axis. A revolution is when It completes its Journey around the sun. One rotation is a day; one revolution is a year.

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