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People get very anxious when planning second weddings as they start to think about what is the right way and what is appropriate for a second wedding. But there is nothing right or wrong about having a second wedding.

A second wedding need not be any different from a first wedding. You do not need to have a quieter or a sober affair just because it is your second wedding. If that is what you want then great! But if you think you should go for a smaller wedding just because it is the "right" thing to do, then you are mistaken. It is as much your right to have a grand and memorable wedding as it is for first timers.

In fact, a second wedding can be a whole lot more fun as you can do things that may have been "not acceptable" the first time around. You could cut your cake first instead of last or could do other crazy things that make you and your to-be spouse happy.

But remember to include your children (if you have any) while planning your wedding. You could make your children help you in planning your wedding. This will make them feel useful as well as feel included on your big day.

So whether it is your second wedding, or maybe even your third or fourth - go on and have fun planning and being a part of it!

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Q: What is the right way to plan a second wedding?
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The cheapest way to plan a wedding is to do everything yourself. Cut corners where you can like making your own cake.

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You should sit down with your father and his fiance to see whether they want a large traditional wedding; a wedding in a chapel or perhaps a garden wedding with the Minister there or, perhaps they may well want to get married by the Justice of the Peace. If your father wants the wedding then plan it according to the size of it and plan just like you would if you were getting married or, the way your were married. Remember, it is not just your father's wedding by his fiances as well so confer with her.

Do you need a wedding planner to plan a wedding?

If you do your homework you can plan an awsome wedding yourself. Use your resouces, like the wedding magazines checklist, internet (hundreds of ideas). You need organizing skills and be able to give orders in a firm polite way. You definitely need to be able to stay within your budget. A wedding planner can work with your budget and you will be a calmer bride. A big JOB!

Average RSVP time for destination weddings?

The average time to RSVP would usually be about a month out from the wedding. This way the couple has a chance to plan for how many people there will be at the wedding.

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Are there good to-do lists for organising a wedding?

Thankfully, there are several step-by-step guides and to-do lists available on the internet that will help your friend plan and organize her wedding. Some of the best wedding checklists online can be found at Real Simple, Wedding Wire, and The Rainbow Club. Not only do these to-do lists provide a bride-to-be with all of the information needed to plan her wedding, but the list is also written in a time line, beginning with preparations that need to be made six months prior to the wedding date all the way up to the day of the wedding.

Are wedding planners invited to the wedding?

It is not a must but always a good idea to have them invited, not only it is gesture to ask him/her to be a guest after all his work for the wedding, but his/her presence makes sures any mishappenings is tackled in the right way.

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Do wedding planners plan there own weddings?

Hmmm. Not sure but I think yes.. in a way. A wedding planner may help in the process but she/he will not be the sole manager of preparing all the designated tasks before the wedding. It's nice to be hands-on but having someone to walk with you throughout the wedding planning (sorts of invitations, bookings, wedding venues) is indeed a plus.

How much should a wedding coordinator charge to plan a celebrity wedding?

There is no requirement in the Roman Catholic Church for a wedding coordinator. I personally they get in the way of the Church aspect, not having a full understanding of the or sacredness of the Sacrament the couple is taking upon themselves. It is a personal contract between the coordinator and the couple...

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Should another family member get married the day before your wedding?

I would say definitely no! It is way too stressful trying to plan a wedding...add on the fact that now you're family is spending twice as much AND you have to make sure you don't copy each other with your wedding ideas (usually the person with the second wedding looks kind of stupid if anything in their wedding is copying the first) it just adds on a whole lot of stress. This day should be all about shouldn't have to share the lime light you only get married once and you don't want to have to share it with someone else.The only plus side I can see is that all your mutual friends and family are already there so it's easy to just go to the second one. Down side if your wedding is after the first one you may have a lot to live up to which can put a damper on things.

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Where do bridal party stand at a wedding?

If you are facing the wedding party, from the audience, the groom and his men are on the right and the bride and her maids are on the left. Although, I've seen it the other way, too. I think it's really just whatever you prefer.

Is it rude to give out a SECOND wedding favor... one to a couple and one to an invividual?

Gifts to individuals should be made privately, unless they are ceremonial in some way

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