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What is the risk of taking aspirin when the woman is 1 to 2 months pregnant?

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NO NO NO Please do not take aspirin while you are pregnant. Take Tylenol or even extra stregnth Tylenol.

AnswerAsprin and all pain killers can cause birth defects. See your doctor for a pregnancy pain killer.
2011-09-15 10:13:32
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Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

What does a woman look like at 3 months pregnant?

I want a picture of a woman that is three months pregnant

Can a pregnant woman use aspirin while shes pregnant?

If you take aspirin around the time of conception and in early pregnancy, this could increase your risk of miscarriage.

When can a woman get pregnant after Cesarean operation?

after passing of minimum 9 to 11 months of ceaseran operation , woman will be ready for taking care of another pregnancy.

What happens when a woman gets pregnant?

When a woman gets pregnant she loses her period for 9 months and carries around a baby for 9 get emotional and hormonal...

How long will it take 2 get pregnant after taking birth control 7 months ago?

On average, it takes six months to get pregnant, whether or not a woman has been on the birth control pill. Some couples will get pregnant the first month after stopping the pill, and others will take a year, but six months is the average.

How long is a woman pregnant for?

If you're talking about a human woman: 9 months.

How long a women stays pregnant for?

A woman is pregnant for averagely 10-12 months.

How many days does a woman stay pregnant?

About 9 months

Can women fall pregnant taking primolut n?

taking primolut can woman conceive

How does a woman comes to know she is pregnant?

by taking a pregnancy test

What is a male midwife?

a man taking care of a pregnant woman

Can a woman get pregnant while taking Estrogen or HRT?

Of course

Can you look at a woman and tell she is pregnant?

Not for the first months, no. Later on it depends on the woman. Not everyone is alike.

Is there Images of a woman 2 months pregnant?

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What if your girlfriend is pregnant since March is that possible?

A woman is usually pregnant for about 9 months, so you decide.

In what trimester is one when being pregnant for 4 months?

When a woman is 4 months pregnant, she is considered to be in the second trimester. A typical pregnancy lasts 9 months with each trimester 3 months long.

Can a woman be pregnant and not produce hcg in her blood Like at 3 months pregnant?

No. The hCG is what stops your body getting rid of your baby, especially in the early months.

Can a woman get pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy already?

If a woman is 3 mos pregnant no she will not be ovulating, if the pregnancy was terminated or miscarried yes she would be ovulating again.

Is it normal not to look pregnant when you are in fact 5 months pregnant?

For many woman, yes. Especially with the first pregnancy.

Can a man still get a woman pregnant after a vasectomy?

For up to six months, yes.

When is the appropriate time for pregnant woman to undergo ultrasound test?

2 months

What month does a tetanus toxoid is given to a pregnant woman?

tetanus shoud be given three months pregent woman.

What vitamins should a women take for her to get pregnant fast?

Taking vitamins will not increase the speed at which a woman becomes pregnant.

Can a woman take aspirin when she is pregnant?

No Tylenol is better but always check with your doctor first and especially if this is something you need more then once.