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Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is quite safe during pregnancy but I would avoid aspirin and ibuprofen unless prescribed by your doctor.

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Q: Taking pain pills during pregnancy What are the dangers to my unborn baby?
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Will taking hydrocodone during pregnancy what are the dangers to the unborn baby?

is it safe to ocassionally take vicoden when you are pregnant

Will taking hash stop pregnancy?

no. * But it will affect your unborn child

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as?

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

Where does the unborn baby develop during pregnancy?

The womb.

Is it safe to stop taking methadone when pregnant?

No, stopping the use of methadone during a pregnancy could be dangerous to the unborn child and can result in a miscarriage.

Taking lortab during pregnancy What are the dangers to your unborn baby?

Lortab contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone (an opiate) and neither is harmful to the fetus but if you have a need to take it daily you need to speak to your doctor. If the baby were exposed to this every day throughout the pregnancy it would become dependant and go through withdrawal after delivery.

Can lime harm unborn baby?

No, limes are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Can marijuana cause mood swings during pregnancy?

Yes very likely. But a more important question is why are you taking marijuana when you are pregnant? Do you know what harm you are doing to your unborn baby? You are not giving your unborn baby a fair chance at having a good life.

Are hormone replacement medications appropriate for pregnant women?

It is advisable not to take any hormone replacement medications during pregnancy since most drugs have an effect on the unborn baby. You will also be required to check with your obgyn about any medications you plan on taking during pregnancy.

Can stress effect an unborn baby?

Yes, of course! It is very important to be calm during pregnancy

Can pregnancy of a dog can be confirmed by taking an xray?

It can but x-rays can be harmful to unborn animals, a scan is a much safer option.

What does dreaming of love for an unborn child mean?

It is entirely natural for parents to feel deep affection for an unborn child during pregnancy or after a miscarriage. The dream expresses that emotion.

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