What is the role of man in the changing the land surface?

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Major, and almost always destructive.
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How do you land a role as an extra in a commercial?

Answer . Sign up with a local extras casting company. There are such companies in nearly every major city now. They'll take your picture and information and submit them to casting agents who are looking for bakground atmosphere. \n. \nBeing an extra can be fun, but it involves very little pa ( Full Answer )

Has man ever landed on the surface of Mercury?

Humans have never set foot on Mercury. In fact, much of the direct observation was done by the Mariner 10 probe that flew by the planet in 1974-1975. Currently the 2004 NASA probe MESSENGER ( ME rcury S urface, S pace EN vironment, GE ochemistry and R anging) is studying the planet, and will or ( Full Answer )

How do you change painted surface to stained surface?

Answer . In order to change paint to stain, you have to strip the paint down to the bare wood. You can also take it to a shop that will "dip" it for you and save you the aggrevation.

What is no mans land?

In world war one it was the area between the trenches of the the opposing forces. It was a place you didn't want to be because you were a sitting target.

What Is 'No Mans Land'?

No man's land is a term for land that is not occupied or is under dispute between parties that will not occupy it because of fear or uncertainty. The term was originally used to define a contested territory or a dumping ground for refuse between fiefdoms. It is most commonly associated with the Firs ( Full Answer )

What is Land Surface Datum?

Land-surface datum is a datum plane that is approximately at land surface at each well. If known, the elevation of the land-surface datum above sea level is given... Datum: any level surface, line , or point used as a reference in measuring elevations.

Man role vs woman role?

The typical role of the man in sociology is to work and make money.The typical role of the woman is to stay at home and raise thekids.

What role does land have in the water cycle?

On land, much of the precipitation runs along the surface of the ground until it enters a river or stream that carries the runoff back to an ocean or lake.

What is the role of a man?

Depending on what type of man you're interested in the role of a man can be different but from most people i know and for me myself one of the # 1 rules is to just be there for her don't be ashamed of her. if you see her give her a hug or a kiss on the cheek or something. don't act like you don't kn ( Full Answer )

What is mars land surface like?

Picture Arizona but 70 below .0 and a red sky. The surface has sand and rocks everywhere. You can see planets but faintly.

Is the Earth's surface mostly land?

No. Earth is mostly composed of the hydrosphere (water) with 3/4 of the earth's surface. While lithosphere has 1/4 of earth's surface.

How does a glacier change the surface of land?

Glaciers change the surface of the land in several ways. By pushing rocks and gravel along with its encroachment a glacier leaves that material behind when it retreats. Most glaciers have water melting out of them when it gets above freezing. That water erodes the landscape forming streams and river ( Full Answer )

What role does land have on water cycles?

The water cycle has no starting point, but we'll begin in the oceans, since that is where most of Earth's water exists. The sun, which drives the water cycle, heats water in the oceans. Some of it evaporates as vapor into the air; a relatively smaller amount of moisture is added as ice and snow subl ( Full Answer )

What were the roles of the judges in the Promised land?

They were judging as the their title says! Judges were before the kings of Israel. These were the people God chose at a given time to lead the nation of Israel since there were no human kings at the time leading the nation of Israel. They didn't necessarily have to be prophets but rather chosen by ( Full Answer )

How large is the Earth's land surface?

The land surfaces of Earth have an area of about 150,000,000 square kilometers (58 million square miles), about 30% of the total spherical surface of the planet. Estimates vary (usually by definition of "land") from 148 to 153 million km 2 (57 to 59 million square miles).

What is the role of metals in the progress of man?

You have heard about a distant era in the history called the stone Age. It was indeed a stepping stone in Man's epic journey towards civilization. But this journey took a giant strides when Man discovered an important group of elements in nature-metals. When copper became part of primitive man's lif ( Full Answer )

When does a surface wave reach land?

They result from the wind blowing overan area of fluid surface. Waves in the oceans can travel thousandsof miles before reaching land. Wind waves range in size from small ripples , to waves over 100 ft(30 m) high. [1]

What is the role of storm in x man?

Storm aka Ororo Iqadi T'Challa , née Munroe has the ability to produce harsh weather : lightining, rain, tempests, wind to defeat obstacles, produce electricity and mainly kick ass and look cool doing it. she is also one of the leaders of the team and one of the main charcacters

Does Venus have surface to land on?

will it does but u wouldn't land on it if your lucky if you get pass the amospheiric pressure that will crush you, and if your lucky your spaceship will burn because that heat is so hot the greenhouse gas traps all of the sun heat. so an average day is up to 425 degrees. hot enough to burn lead. ( Full Answer )

What are 5 surfaces a aircraft can land on?

ASP. Asphalt . BIT. Bitumenous asphalt or tarmac. BRI. Bricks (no longer in use, covered with asphalt orconcrete now). CLA. Clay . COM. Composite. CON. Concrete . COP. Composite. COR. Coral (coral reef structures). GRE. Graded or rolled earth, grass on graded earth. GRS. Grass or earth ( Full Answer )

What is the land surface in the Netherlands?

it surface is becaz the netherland people did not have a lot of land so they made their own land on the ocean. they took some sand out and put it in the water so they have land. so the land in netherland is low

What is the role of religion on the salvation of man?

Salvation is actually not a religion its a relation ship with the one true God if you get saved you got heaven when the Lord come back If you wanna get saved read below 1. Admit your a sinner 2. Believe Jesus died for you 3. Confess with your mouth

Why is land changing?

Due to global warming more warm air is rising and more cold air is sinking eroding soil. Warmer temps are making currents change courses and are sending heat and erosion to places that don't need it

What is the role of gravity in landing an airplane?

Gravity is one of many forces that act upon an aircraft at ALL times. So naturally, gravity is what pulls the aircraft down when the pilot reduces the Thrust of the engines and the Lift of the wings.

What is frictions role in surface currents?

A role is an assigned task. Natural phenomena does not assign tasks or roles. They are simply part of that phenomena. Generally friction is a resistance and causes things to decelerate.

What was moses' role in the land of plenty?

In1445 bc five years after Death of Thutmose III's death, Mosesreturns to Egypt. (Exodus 4:18-7:13) He then becomes the leader ofthe Israeli.

How did the play change when the Prospero role was played by a woman rather than a man?

The questioner must be referring to the film version of The Tempest directed by Julie Taymor and starring Helen Mirren as Prospero. The answer is, the play did not change a lot. We are prepared to accept that single parents have to try their best to be both father and mother to their children. Shake ( Full Answer )

What is a land change?

Land formations can change at any time. They are caused bymovements in the Earths tectonic plates. Landforms can go from aflat plain to a rough hilly area. It does though take time but canhappen.