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Depends on the toilet being purchased, but generally 12 inches from the wall to the center of the toilet flange for a residential toilet.

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Q: What is the roughing in measurements coming up through the floor for a toilet?
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How do you measure for rough in toilet?

18" off sidewall and 12" off backwall. 18" and 12" are the center measurements for toilet rough-in. These are standard rough-in measurements.

Outline for measurements needed to buy a commercial toilet?

A plumbing contractor, any store that sells toilets, or checking online should be reliable resources for info needed for toilet measurements.

How do you hang a toilet roll?

so the toilet paper is coming from under

Why do toilets clog?

In order to hold water in the toilet bowl (and prevent unpleasant smells from coming into the bathroom) there is an elbow in the toilet. After you see the water go down the toilet, it then travels upwards through the elbow and then back down again into the drain line. The toilet clogs when things are too big to travel freely through the elbow.

When roughing in a toilet what is the correct distance and height for the cold water feed from the center of the drain?

As a general rule, 6" from the center of the drain and 6" from the floor.

What are the tiny bugs coming from the toilet?

The tiny bugs coming from the toilet are called springtails. These little bugs thrive in areas with lots of moisture.

How do you plumb a toilet?

BY reading and following the rough in measurements get a plumber to come and give you a quote!

Is Toilet water overflow on floor dirty?

If it is coming from the tank: NO. If it coming from the bowl: YES!

When flushing toilet the water coming out of shower head get cold or hot?

It won't change when you flush the toilet. :)

Side measurements for toilet rough in?

The minimum distance required is 15" either side/ that is minimum.

What is the maximum angle i can have on a drain coming from a toilet?

90 degrees

Fluff coming out of goldfish?

That is actually Excriment. It is him using the toilet.

How high above a 4 inch horizontal cast waste pipe must a new toilet be... The line is located in the basement on top of the cement floor and my customer would like a toilet put in by tapping into it?

Why not read the roughing book? and what considerations are you taking into account for venting?

What film does John Travolta get shot when coming out of the toilet?

Pulp Fiction

Why is water coming out of toilet bolts?

You need a new wax ring.

What does it mean when you dream of spiders coming out of your brain?

that your about to do a poo or wee in the toilet

Where to rough in toilet flange?

12" from rear wall....16 to 18 from side wall....measurements are to center of flange

Why is there a metallic earthy smell coming from my toilet area?

The toilet wax ring is probably cracked and leaking.You have to drain and remove the toilet to replace the wax ring below it.Hope this helps!

If we closed off water to repair running toilet and temperatures outside dropped and now water will not flow and fill toilet tank are the pipes frozen?

If it is just the toilet that doesn't have water, then the pipes are probably not frozen. If it is the whole house than maybe yes. If you have water at other faucets, look at the toilet and see where the blockage is. Disconnect the supply line under the tank and see if water is coming through the shut off at the toilet if there is one.

How do you go about roughing in an additional toilet in a Florida house when there is no basement?

Not without breaking up some concrete or crawling under it, if you have a wood floor, and you will have to know where you can tie it into the existing system before beginning anything.

How do you fix a toilet supply value leak?

Wouldn't that depend on the type of toilet valve and where the leak is coming from that would dictate the type of repair?

Why would poop come up through a sink?

This could happen due to improper plumbing, or due to a clog. If the waste water is coming up through a sink and not a toilet, it's more likely that an upstairs toilet and a downstairs (or lower) sink share a waste stack that is clogged below a shared junction between the two.

In which film does John Travolta get shot whilst coming out of the toilet?

Pulp Fiction.

What is Toilet flange to wall clearance?

12" from rear wall, 16" to 18" to side wall, these are measurements to the center of the flange.

Where does the electricity in a house come from?

through toilet power