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Not without breaking up some concrete or crawling under it, if you have a wood floor, and you will have to know where you can tie it into the existing system before beginning anything.

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Glue used to glue a carpet

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Q: How do you go about roughing in an additional toilet in a Florida house when there is no basement?
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How high above a 4 inch horizontal cast waste pipe must a new toilet be... The line is located in the basement on top of the cement floor and my customer would like a toilet put in by tapping into it?

Why not read the roughing book? and what considerations are you taking into account for venting?

What is the roughing in measurements coming up through the floor for a toilet?

Depends on the toilet being purchased, but generally 12 inches from the wall to the center of the toilet flange for a residential toilet.

Do you need a trap for a basement toilet?

No, trap is integral part of toilet bowl.

How do you install a toilet in a basement?

by using a saniflo and pump

Do you have to vent a basement toilet?

All toilets have to be tied to a vent,

How do you install a power toilet in the basement?

Is there a bathroom or rough-in already there?

Is Mike Ditka the guy in the basement or Father guy on the toilet in the Hopper commercial If not who is he?

Hey is the guy on the toilet

When using a wallmount toilet in the basement can the drain pipe run at floor level?

That would make for an awfully low toilet.

Can you install toilet in a clean out 4 in off basement floor?

You can build a platform to raise the toilet enough to connect to it or get a wall mount toilet and frame a wall to hang it from.

How far can the toilet be from the basement drain. The toilet will be installed on the main floor but is there a certain degree angle for the pipe to be from toilet to basement drain?

Maximum distance of the toilet to the drain is 6 metres (20 feet). The angle of drop is set by the branch at 112 1/2o, which equates to about 1/4" of drop per foot.

When my sump pump stopped working why did the water pour out of the upstairs toilet and not the basement toiet?

because the upstairs toilet drain was clogged up.

Why would the basement toilet produce a bad smell but there is no clog?

Take the toilet off and check the WAX RING..replace the wax ring

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