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This installation was based on a 1995 Oldsmobile 98' Regency Elite. Was is normally a TEN minute job, but with this particular model, it takes a bit more time and tools. Lets begin by discussing removal of the old belt....... Remove tension from the pulley......Do this by going counter-clockwise with a socketwench on the pulley bolt. Slide belt off alternator, Power Steering, and water-pump. On the lower right portion of the Engine Mount.......There is an 18mm bolt that must be removed, then a stud ( 10mm Torx socket is nessasary ). Remove collar.........This should allow a gap for the belt to be completely removed. !!!!! Very important !!!! Be sure you are using the correct belt for the car. Some parts dealers will carry various different belt sizes (example.... 882K6-945K6) We used a 905K6 for our 95' Olds 98 Regency Elite......This was very important considering local parts dealers called for a 945K6 belt to do the job! Wrong!!! After you have the correct belt .......the belt should hit these points. Alternator to compressor to crankshaft to water pump to power-steering pulley to tensioner back to alternator. Usually best to start feeding the pulley from the compressor and crankshaft. Once you have the belt in the proper sequence, it seems best to loosen the tensioner simutaneously as you slide the belt around the alternator pulley. Make sure you check to be sure there is no binding or rubbing. Also check the deflection of the belt for anything over 1-1/4 of an inch or more. This may lead to premature wearing of the belt. Start the engine and see how it performs.....Turn the car off and reinstall the Collar, Stud, and Bolt. Hope this helps to you or anyone get back on the road!!

2008-02-25 06:18:53
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whats the routing for the serpentine belt for a 1996 Oldsmobile eighty-eight? Starting at bottome of crank, it wraps around A/C, then up and around alternator, down and around power steering, then up and over tensioner pulley and water pump, then back to crank. You need to remove one of the nuts and studs on the bottom of the motor mount bracket closest to front bumper to install new belt.

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