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I have had good luck finding soft top parts @

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Q: What is the rubber gasket around the window that the soft top snaps on to for 96 Geo Tracker and where can you find one?
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How do you replace the rear window on a 1994 Chevy Silverado?

To replace the rear window in a 1994 Chevy Silverado you must first remove the old window. This can be done by removing the seal around the window and gently pulling the window out. Apply rubber sealer around the new window opening in the truck. Wrap a rope around the rubber sealer of the new window and position it in the window opening. Carefully remove the rope once the window is resting properly in position. As the rope is removed the rubber sealer should hold the window in position. Reapply the rubber seal if it is available for extra security. Allow the window to set for 10 minutes.

How do you install the left rear window on a 68 beetle I have the rubber gasket?

Put the gasket on the new window. Put a small diameter rope or cord in the channel with a foot or two extra to pull on later. Put window in the opening on the outside of car. Have someone hold window firmly in place. Pull on the cord from inside the car and work the gasket into place. It helps to put powder or wd-40 on gasket to make it slip into place easier.

How is the Passenger window glass attached to the regulator on Toyota Highlander 2005?

It is pressure-fitted into a rubber gasket and held by a flexible mastic substance.

What is the trim or moulding around your Nissan Pathfinder window called as you are not able to locate on any sites?


How to adjust a tracker window?

Begin by removing the Geo Tracker door panel. The entire window mechanism will be visible. The window linkage will have adjustment nuts on each end of the linkage.

When installing a rear window in a 1989 Chevy three quarter ton pick up how do you keep the window in while the glue dries?

Depending on the year & make of the vehicle it should be mounted in a rubber "gasket" which holds the glass in place. You need to put some sealer around the "gasket" before putting it on the cab opening channel. The glass should go in with a little soap around the edge by putting a small string in the "gasket" channel, then put the glass in the bottom of the channel & have someone pull the string while working the window. Pull the string from both ends at the same time causing the "gasket" to flip out over the edge of the glass.

How do you Remove and replace the back sliding glass on your truck?

If there is a rubber gasket around the glass you sould be able to push it out and to replace get clothes line ro[e and run it in the in the middlemof the gasket all the way around have someone get inside while somebody pushes on the window start to pull the rope and the gasket should start over the lipo in side and follow it all the way around it should suck right in I have done a few of these good luck

What is the right term for the rubber that holds the glass window of car?

Window Rubber seal

How do you install a upper back window in an international 1066 tractor do you put the window in the rubber seal first or do you have the rubber seal in place and try to get the glass into the rubber?

You put the seal on the glass then put the window in the frame. This eliminates the pressure on the glass. IT is easier to run a glazing tool around the metal frame without damage than it is to run it around the glass.

Where can you get window regulator for 1993 Geo Tracker?

You can get a window regulator for a 1993 Geo Tracker at auto part stores. You can also check with local salvage yards.

How do you replace the rear window on an 81 Chevy pickup?

you will need two people for this job, go to an automotive sotre and get " gator wire" it has one sharp edge, poke a hole in the rubber gasket to feed the wire though and then go back and forth using the wire like a saw and it will cut the gasket and release the window.

How do you stop wind noise in double glazed window?

It would appear that the rubber seals around the window frame are not making full contact with the sash frame. Contact your local double glazing company and request the cost of new rubber seals - they do range in type and shape so you may have to remove a small sample and use this for identification. They are easy to replace where you can just push the gasket back in to a pre-cut housing.

What years are the same for the rear window in a ford ranger?

83 to 92 regular cab should interchange (rubber gasket ) early supercabs bolts in as do later regular cabs

How do you fix a car window that has an air leak?

change the window seal / gasket.

How do you replace the glass in the rear window of 1993 Chevy ck 1500?

you will need two people for this job, go to an automotive sotre and get " gator wire" it has one sharp edge, poke a hole in the rubber gasket to feed the wire though and then go back and forth using the wire like a saw and it will cut the gasket and release the window.

How do you change out back side window in Ford Bronco II?

you have to take all the plastic trim off inside the rear around the window the window is bolted into place yes i know it sounds crazy but there little nuts tend bolts are molded into the rubber around the window and nuts on the inside so there you go

How do you remove and replace a pickup rear window?

taking the window out is easy. you push the inner lip of rubber over the opening towards the outside keep pushing out on the glass and popping the rubber through all the way around the wondow opening. get someone to help with the outside holding it still while you push and unlock the rubber lip. installation is a little tricky you need enough string to go all the way around the rubber in side of the seam. no thicker than 1/4". lube the string with non pumice hand cleaner. make sure that the strings cross a few feet on the bottom. set the rubber where it sitting in the groove on the lower part of the window. have your assitant push against the glass while you pull the string out. keep tapping the window as you do this. pulling the string out pops the rubber seal to where it is supposed to be. don't be a ninny. just pulling the string will not work if you do not pay attention and try to work the rubber into postition. good luck.

When did they change the back window in the VW beetle?

remove old window by first pulling out chrome strip if you have one, go inside and cut the old gasket in the middle with a sharp knife ( you will feel it hittng glass and metal frame then you know in right place) once gasket cut the widow till pop off from outside. but new gaskest on (new?) window, with center join melt joint a the bottom center. insert a good strong string into inner gasker groove ( I use tent rope, nice and strong) have threading start about 1/3rd in and go all the way around. crossing string over itself for at least 12 inches. spray inner groove and rope WELL with soapy water. lay window in place, with strings inside of car. As ANOTHER person gently yet firmly presses on out of window, start pulling one of the strings in the opposite direction so you are not pulling string though gasket but instead against the gasket forcing it to pull the gasket over ht cars window frame... ; this will pull the gasket over the window frame metal. about halfway through, switch over to other string, MAKE sure outside Helper is pressingagianst glass where you are pulling string. Top two corners the toughest, be sure lots of soapy water there.... once you have string pulled all the way arpung, window gasket should be set properly and window secure.

How do you remove the manual window knob on a Chevy Tracker?

To remove the window knob,you need to purchase a tool at any auto parts store, you would then slide the tool behind the window crank and simply push out the clip that holds the window lever in place.

Is it possible to replace or repair a single switch in the driver side window switch cluster in a 2000 Chevy Tracker?

It is not possible to replace single switch in the driver side window cluster of Ê2000 Chevy Tracker. The cluster is only sold as one piece and single switches cannot be purchased.

How to remove rear window 1999 gmc savana?

Im not really familiar with the GMC savana, but if this will help you any here is what i know about taking windows out of autos. Take all the trim off around the window so that you can see the edges all the way around the window. Most windows are put in with some sort of sealent or gasket so you will need to find a piece of wire and poke it thru the sealant and then see saw it back and forth all around the window to separate the window from the sealant and then when the window is loose you can remove it Hope this helps some

Can you wedge something to keep the car window closed?

I used two rubber door stops on the inside of the window until I got the power window motor and assembly replaced.

Honda prelude Drivers side window goes up crooked?

The rubber is dry; use a silicone based lube roll windows all the way down and spray all the rubber that guides the window up and down

How to install rear window on 1993 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?


Why is your power window slow on 2002 Chevy Tracker?

could just be the window rubbersareabit dirty or the moter try spraying some wd40 on the moter and rubbers that may free it up abit?