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What is the safest above-ground pool cover?


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2009-08-10 03:03:06
2009-08-10 03:03:06

No above ground pool cover is safe for little ones as adults can be in a rush and forget to "buckle down the hatches." Usually the covers that fit over the sides and are clipped down are the best. However, a fence around the above pool is even better. Marcy

A swimming pool safety cover is latched down over the pool. Have atleast 3 barriers where anyone needs to get through to get to the pool.

Door alarm


Alarm on the fence

Safety cover


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A pool cover is called a POOL COVER. (KISS.. (keep it simple, stupid).

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I Thought It Was Aboveground But Know I Know It's Underground

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It serves no purpose to leave the cover on the pool.

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