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What is the safest car?


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Most People believe that the safest car is a Ford. I would say that a Ford and Volvo is within the top 5 for the safest automobile. One car that is consistently in the top spot however is the Ford Taurus and the Volvo C70. I believe ever since Ford bought Volvo, they have been using all of Volvo's safety plans. I work on cars for a living and when I see a car wreck and its a Taurus it always looks like the people inside weren't hurt.

I would rank them

in this order

Volvo and Ford tied for first which is what the IIHSA data concludes, then Honda, Toyota, GM the rest out there just plain don't count

A Honda Accord is pretty safe to, that's why it's expensive to buy.

I have a Volvo and it's a very safe car, but once again, it is expensive.