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What is the safest car?

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Most People believe that the safest car is a Ford. I would say that a Ford and Volvo is within the top 5 for the safest automobile. One car that is consistently in the top spot however is the Ford Taurus and the Volvo C70. I believe ever since Ford bought Volvo, they have been using all of Volvo's safety plans. I work on cars for a living and when I see a car wreck and its a Taurus it always looks like the people inside weren't hurt.

I would rank them

in this order

Volvo and Ford tied for first which is what the IIHSA data concludes, then Honda, Toyota, GM the rest out there just plain don't count

A Honda Accord is pretty safe to, that's why it's expensive to buy.

I have a Volvo and it's a very safe car, but once again, it is expensive.

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Safest seat in a car?

The middle back seat is the safest.

Safest place to place a car seat?

The safest place to place a car seat is in the middle of the car or behind the drivers seat.

Which babies car seats are the safest?

The safest baby car seat that I know of is Greco. It has know to be the safest car seat in the world. I purchase a lot of their products and people has been very pleased.

Which is the safest car?

Well the safest vehicle is probably some heavy duty truck, but as far as an actual car goes Volvo makes the safest cars hands down, probably the xc90 or s60 is one of the safest

Where is the safest place when there is lightning?

In a car

What is the safest color for a car?


If you are in a car during an earthquake and are out in the open are you safest in the car?


Where is the safest place to be in a car during a tornado?

The safest place to be is not in the car. If you are in a car and a tornado is near, ge out of the car and seek shelter. If no shelter is available, and the tornado is approaching, get out of the car and lie in a ditch of depression as a last resort.

What is the most safest car on the road?

The Cadillac beast is the world's most safest car with bomb proof body & bullet proof tyres & windows.

What are the safest car seat brands?

Some of the safest car seat brands are Koler, Graco, Britax and there are some other brands that are available for consumers to purchase as safe car seats.

Where is the safest place to be if you're in a car and a tornado hits?

Out of the car. It is better to be in a ditch than in a car.

What is the safest route to from London to Mumbai by car?


What is the safest small car for 2008?

a Holden Astra

Where are you safest when there lightning?

Indoors away from windows and in a car.

What is the safest car seat for infants?

the middle seat

What is the top safety vehicle brand?

No one brand has the safest car in all categories. Click the link to see what is the safest new car in each category. Look on the right and pick the category of car you are interested in.

What are the safest 2011 convertible cars?

The safest car to have that is a convertable is a Honda X2V. It is one of the most safest cars around int he whole world. It is nice and very expansive.

Which car manufacturer makes the safest cars?

Chinese Volvo

What car is safest to drive in snowy slope?

4x4 or a hummer

What is the safest kind of car racing?

Pine wood derby.

Where is safest place for bad rim on car?

on the rear\ in the trunk!

What is the safest color car to drive during the day?


Is Toyota a dangerous car?

hilux are are the best and safest utes and car i ♥ them :D

Which is the safest and most reliable full size people carrier for two adults and four children?

Volvo!! Its the safest car anyday!

What type of car antifreeze is safest to the environment?

The type of car antifreeze that is safest to the environment is propylene glycol antifreeze. While it is still not totally safe, it is less toxic than other antifreeze.

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